Iron Aces: Heroes of World War II (Save Editor)

Iron Aces: Heroes of World War II (Save Editor)

Iron Aces: Heroes of World War II (Save Editor)

Text file description:

                         Iron Aces Heroes of WWII
                                  (c) Take 2 Interactive
          Release Info
           Date ....... : 2006-06-11
          Release notes
           This savegame editor lets you
           * Change your campaign (Russian, German) after you have already
             started your game
           * Change your difficulty level
           * Change amount of scores, upgrade points and your rank
           * Directly set upgrades of your planes
           * Change amount of missions you have already passed
          Install Info
           Optionally make backup of Pilots.dat before proceeding.
           1. UnRAR and run irrm-iaseditor.exe.
           2. Locate Pilots.dat from your game-directory.
           3. Choose your profile and make desired choices.
           4. Start the game and enjoy!
           We are looking for:
           - Experienced rippers.
           - Talented coders (preferably C, C++, ASM or Delphi).
           - Talented reverse-engineers (unpacking of commercial protections)
           - Individuals with access to new unreleased games.
           - 30Mbps+ sites for affiliation.
           Whores n beer are always welcome too.. cheers!
          Team Interregnum 2006

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