iRRM Hammer and Sickle (+4 Trainer)

Hammer and Sickle (+4 Trainer)


Hammer and Sickle (+4 Trainer)

Text file description:

                           Hammer and Sickle
                                   (c) Nival Interactive
          Release Info
           Date ....... : 2005-12-26
           Options .... : 4
           Hotkey ..... : Function
           F8 ......... : Unlimited Ability Points
           F9 ......... : Unlimited Action Points
           F10 ........ : Unlimited Ammo
           F11 ........ : Unlimited Durability
           F12 ........ : Quit the trainer
          Release Notes
           First of all, a fair WARNING to you all, don't reload while having
           "Unlimited Ammo" on. Might crash the game.
           Ok now, this trainer has been tested several times, and as this is
           a really buggy game and it loves to crash at times, we have tried
           to make sure that the trainer doesnt cause any more bugs & crashes
           Hope you all had a good christmas!
           Greets to TNT, PiZZA, aSx, and everyone else in the competition!
          Game Info
           Genre ...... : RPG?
           System Reqs. : Windows
          Install Info
           1. UnRAR to any directory.
           2. Run iRRM_HaS_Trainer.exe
           3. Read and then click OK.
           4. Start the game.
           5. Use the hotkeys to activate the functions.
           6. Enjoy this fine trainer!
           We are looking for:
           - Talented coders (preferably C, C++, ASM or Delphi).
           - 30Mbps+ sites for affilation.
           Hit us up on IRC or by email: irrm [at] hush [dot] ai
           Whores n beer are always welcome too.. cheers!
          Thanks to m0 for the great ascii!

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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