Jaws Unleashed (+6 Trainer)

Jaws Unleashed (+6 Trainer)

Jaws Unleashed (+6 Trainer)

Text file description:

       Jaws Unleashed + 6 Trainer
      Release date.: 04-11-2006
     Supplier.....: Veggy & Death
      Options......: 6
     Filename.....: zt-jl.rar
   Size.........: 1 x 5 mb
    System.......: PC DOX
                        Release Information
            O: Infinite Health
            This option will give you infinite health. You can
            level up and gain a higher Health amount. Your Health
            bar will always be filled to maximum.
            U: Save postition
            This will save your current position. Please note that
            you can only save your position under water.
            I: Restore position
            This will restore the position you saved.
            Like we stated for the Save Position option you need to
            be under water before you can teleport back.
            P: Easy Points System
            When you have this option enabled you will get 10 x
            more points for each fish you eat. This way you can
            level up real easy.
            L: Infinite Hunger
	    This option will make sure that you will never be
            hungry. You can swim as long as you want but the
            hungry feeling will not appear;).
            Speed Modifier
	    We have created a nice speed modifier for your pleasure
            This will give you 2 extra keys you can use:
            J: This will make you swim faster
            K: This will make you swim slower
            With this option you travel fast to places;). Besides
            that this option is fully working for player only.
            H: One Hit Kill Bosses
            With this option enabled you can kill end bosses with
            just one hit;).
            Unzip to game dir or desktop. Start zt-jl.exe and play!
	    You can also start the trainer click file and press
            Rungame than the game will start. For this you will
            have to place the trainer into the game directory
            /Veggy and Death
       X                                                  X
              Special greetings to all our friends in
                  AGES, PIZZA, ASXDOX, DEVIANCE
           And everyone else we have forgotten!
                         ascii work by Veggy
                              ascii header by Webbie;);)


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