Ludgers Bad Trip +1 trainer

Ludgers Bad Trip +1 trainer

Ludgers Bad Trip +1 trainer

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           Ludgers Bad Trip +1 - A trainer by MUG U.K(tm)
 Release Date: 21/06/2000
 Another trainer in a busy night where Amazin SPISPOPD and Happyland
 were churned out whilst the rest of the UK was watching football!
 Nice little Puzzle Bobble clone this is and before I get any emails
 asking me for the registration codes, I based my trainer on the
 shareware version.  If you like it that much, REGISTER it!
 There now follows a common-sense attack on "English Football Yobs"
 A quick trainer to finish off the night when England were booted
 out of the UEFA cup.  All the Belgian police need to do is watch
 Panorama that was broadcast after the match to find all the "fans"
 who started the riots in Belgium and lock them up into a small
 cavern and drop some kind of incendiary device in there.  Tough
 but fair justice to the arseholes who purport to be fans of the
 game and only travel to matches (local or national) to beat up the
 locals and/or supporters of the other teams.  Pity there isn't a
 life sentence for football hooligans :(
 Common-sense rant over with!  Carry on reading :)
 Want to learn how to make your own ?
 I am offering via my website a tutorial on how I make up these
 trainers.  If you would like access to the tutorial, email me
 and I will explain how to view them.  It's all done in HTML online
 or you can have a Word document emailed back to you.  All you have
 to do is sign up to one of my online banner programmes such as
 PaysU, All Advantage or BePaid.  Soon as I see my referral counter
 has gone up by one, then I will forward you the URL or DOC file of
 the tutorial.  Full support given via email or ICQ if you are
 trying to train a game with the help of my tutorial.
 Trainer Statistics
 Trainer made with: Trainer Maker Kit v1.5
 Values hunted down with: Magic Trainer Creator v1.27
 Calling other trainer makers
 If there are any other trainer authors who would like to have the
 source files used in this trainer (or any of the others that I have
 designed) then email me.  Please include working examples of your
 own trainers plus relevant work files (i.e. what program were they
 designed in?).  E-mail me:
 You can also find me from time to time in the #gamehacking channel
 on IRC (look on your Undernet servers).  See you there.
 Yes .. I've finally done a website with all my PC trainers on it! - all my trainers released so far are on the
 site (well, those I could find littered on my hard-drive).
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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