Made Man (+9 Trainer)

Made Man (+9 Trainer)

Made Man (+9 Trainer)

Text file description:

      H   A   T   R   E   D      P   R   E   S   E   N   T   S
                              Made Man +9 Trainer
          01/2007 :.. . genre .......: TPS
       Trainer options:
              F1 - Invulnerability
              F2 - Unlimited Armor
              F3 - Unlimited Kill-rush
              F4 - Unlimited Ammo
              F5 - Unlimited Grenades
              F6 - No Recoil
              F7 - Dual Weapons
              F8 - Switch Weapon
              F9 - Switch Grenade
       Additional information:
         You may have to re-activate some options after a level-change.
         F7 - Dual Weapons:
              You cannot enable dual-weapons on these weapons:
                Baseball Bat
         F8 - Switch Weapon:
              Changes your currently selected weapon to the next on the list:
                Semi-Auto (Beretta)
                Silenced Pistol
                .50 Caliber (Desert Eagle)
                Revolver (SW357)
                Assault Rifle (AK47)
                Automatic Rifle (Colt M16)
                Sniper Rifle
                Machine Pistol (MAC10)
                SMG (UZI)
                Shotgun (Mossberg)
                Baseball Bat
         F9 - Switch Grenade:
              Changes your grenades to the next type on the list:
                Pipe Bomb
            1. Place the trainer executable in the game directory.
            2. Press the "play"-button on the trainer to launch the game.
              HATRED does not condone in selling warez of any kind.
              HATRED does not respect any p2p networks, NFOrce or
              anything to make the scene more public.
              HATRED does not believe in using DEMO executables to
              circumvent a protection. To clarify for those groups
              who are confused, a demo executable isn't a crack.
              HATRED does not believe in using clone "groups" as a
              main source of supplying. Supply yourself, don't rely
              on others.
              * As a side note, those groups who flame CLONE groups
                stating how little talent is needed for that scene,
                are the same people downloading a demo exe and
                calling it a crack, how skillful. To us, you're
                just as lame.
                     We greet the respectable groups like:
                       SOULDRINKER - GENESIS - FAIRLIGHT
                       DEVIANCE - RAZOR1911 - iMMERSiON
            ascii art by          barium<SAC>


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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