Men of War (+8 Trainer)

Men of War (+8 Trainer)

Men of War (+8 Trainer)

Text file description:

         brings you..
                          Men Of War PROPER PLUS 8 TRAINER
           Release Date [ 05/16/2009
            Release Size [ 1x5.0mb         Platform  [ WinXP/Vista
            Release Type [ Trainer         Game Type [ Strategy
                                           Supplier  [ RELOADED
         If you are running Windows Vista, please make sure to run the
         trainer in administrator mode.
         To do so, Right click the trainer -> Properties -> Compatability and
         choose to run it as administrator.
         Please also be careful with modern firewalls. They now also have
         several protections against code injection which is needed for a
         trainer to work. Make sure you disable it while playing or it might
         stop the trainer from running.
         PROPER Notes:
         You may have seen Men.of.War.PLUS.5.Trainer-Unleashed a while back.
         However it doesn't work properly.
         1st: K - Unlimited Health (Units) -> affects enemy units too (they
              can only be killed with heavy fire, grenades, mortars and such).
              When shooting an enemy with a MP for example, the health will
              be refilled.
              Own units will mostly die under heavy fire or after getting hit
              by a grenade/etc. This should at least have been mentioned in
              the nfo.
         2nd: V - No Unit Limit -> Doesn't work. Only the current/max CP have
              been trained. The limit remains.
              This can easily be seen when the buttons to recruit more units/
              vehicles turn red.
              They only do this when the players reinforcement limit is
              The option doesn't work because the game checks another
             #    Hotkey              Option
             1    F9                  Toggle Infinite Health
             2    F10                 Toggle Infinite Stamina
             3    F11                        Get Massive Fuel
             4    F12                 Toggle Infinite Ammo
             5    7                   Toggle Disable CP Limit
             6    8                   Toggle Get Massive Cost Points
             7    9                          Inventory Modifier
             8    0                   Toggle Zoom Modifier
         F9 - Infinite Health
         Your selected unit/s will get infinite health. If the units get hit
         by artillery or a grenade it might look as though they are dead.
         However they will stand up after just some seconds.
         F10 - Infinite Stamina
         Your units won't run out of stamina anymore.
         F11 - Get Massive Fuel
         Select one of your vehicles and press this key to get the fuel.
         F12 - Infinite Ammo
         Your units/vehicles will get infinite ammo. You might need to enter
         the inventory (Default: I) to see the effect.
         7 - Disable CP Limit
         This option can be used in missions that allow you to call for
         reinforcements. Enable it and there will be no limit. Note that you
         still need the required cost points to recruit units.
         8 - Get Massive Cost Points
         This option can be used in missions that allow you to call for
         reinforcements. Enable it to get massive cost points.
         9 - Inventory Modifier
         With this option you will be able to edit all items that are in your
         units/vehicles inventory. Just open the inventory screen (Default: I)
         of a unit/vehicle, hover your mouse over the item you wish to edit
         and press the hotkey.
         This option works for stuff like medikits, grenades, weapons, ammo
         and so on.
         0 - Zoom Modifier
         After you have enabled this option, use the scroll hotkeys (Default:
         Mousewheel UP/DOWN), to increase the zoom range.
         Install Notes
         1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
         2. Run the trainer from any directory
         3. Launch the game
         4. Toggle desired Options on/off
        Team BReWErS is currently looking for
          * 100mbit+ affil sites
          * 10mbit+ dumps for exclusive use
          * Shell supplier
        Don't hesitate to contact us at
         Greetings are flying out to:
                             all FRiENDS and DOX lovers
                     showing another art of reverse engineering
                             ascii by h8/HiGHONASCii                    

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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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