OlsenStyle Victoria: Revolutions (Money Trainer)

Victoria: Revolutions (Money Trainer)


Victoria: Revolutions (Money Trainer)

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This is my first trainer :D
Now it might not be the best trainer ever but it is a start. Trainer was made and
tested in less then two hours when i was bored cuz my adsl line was down :(
**** the Norwegian internett supplier Telehor (Telenor)
Anyways just extract the winrar file to any location you like. I suggest the folder
were the game is installed as i never tried it in any other place myself.
Run the trainer, check the "About" if ur new to using trainers. Then press the launch
button and find the location of ur Victoria.exe file. Then the game should be starting
up. Now just create a new game or try loading a old one and then use the hotkeys to
freeze ur money. Even if u have like 3000 money you can "buy" stuff for 30000 money.
Well that should be all. Enjoy the trainer!
I can be contacted at.... well the internett is still down so i can't make a mail for
that right now and i don't want a bunch of kids bothering me on msn all the time.
But i would really like some feedback. Maybe i add it later on or in another Trainer
release :D
My last words will be respect to Reloaded! They are the group that inspired me to mess
around with toolz like Art Money and Cheat Engine!
                                      | OlsenStyle |

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