Redline +8 trainer

Redline +8 trainer

Redline +8 trainer

Text file description:

                             - ORIGIN PRESENTS -
                       - Redline Plus Three Trainer -
     Supplier: ORIGIN                  Release Date: March 15th, 1999
      Trainer: Pluto                     Protection: None
     Packager: Blitzkrieg                Game Genre: Action
  File Format: EXE                       # of Files: One
  Requirements: Redline
  Pluto's trainers work a little differently than Light Bringer's. Instead
 of function keys, alt-tab out of the game, and tick the trainer functions
 from the list that you wish to use.
 * Unlimited Ammo
 * Unlimited Health
 * All Levels Cheat
                             ORIGIN Membership
            Blitzkrieg, Butcher, Cypher, DaJackal, Delta, DJay,
         Genesis P'orridge, Goatass, Gogolie, ][ce, Light Bringer,
         Mad Devil, Mad Turnip, Marauder, Mr. Puppy 3D, Mr. Chavez,
           Noah Body, Pluto, Possible, Powertool, Recoil, Rosco,
        The Renegade Chemist, The Tentacle, Thor, TK4, TKLP, Tragik,
                      Wadood, Wideon, X-Con, and Zip.
                          ORIGIN Senior Couriers
                        Mr. Pumpkin and Wishmaster.
                            ORIGIN Courier Team
         Fertile, Moonsabre, Redman, Lester, SacX, Term, and Xtase.
                  ORIGIN Headquarters & Distribution Sites
                 E             WHQ                     Europe
                 FH            CHQ                Netherlands
                 DF3           HQ               United States
                 SOD           HQ               United States
                 BHZ           HQ               United States
                 DFH           HQ              United Kingdom
                 DLD           HQ              United Kingdom
                         ORIGIN News & Information
  * ORIGIN wishes the staff and especially the siteop of our former World
    Headquarters the best. TV was an outstanding WHQ, and it was an honor
    having them. Unfortunately for ORIGIN, TV and her sister site TV-ISO
    were taken down this week, as the siteop wishes to concentrate on his
    studies. The WHQ situation will most likely be resolved within a week.
    For now, E will function as WHQ until a replacement is found or that
    position made permanent.
  * ORIGIN welcomes DF3 as USHQ.
  * ORIGIN is on the lookout for fast new original suppliers.  If you have
    access to brand new, unreleased games, contact us immediately.  Origin
    seeks people who work at a software house, store/shop, distributor,
    publisher, or magazine. We always reimburse the full retail cost of any
    originals because we know that you don't get something for nothing.
  * If you are able to supply Origin with free hardware especially memory,
    CPU's, and 3DFX cards, let us know.
  * We're in search of Origin Elites in the Arabian Gulf, if you think you
    fit the bill, contact us now.
  * We are not looking for additional FTP sites at this time.  However, if
    you are able to supply or crack, we might be persuaded to make a small
  * ORIGIN is not accepting courier applications, so please don't waste
    our time and yours by telling us what a great trader you are.
                             Contacting ORIGIN
                Internet Relay Chat:  #Origin on EFnet
                      ORIGIN E-Mail:
                         "Stadiums don't score goals"
                 $$$     sssssyyyyyyyyssssssyyyy  sssssyyyyyyyyssssyyyyy
     yyyyysssssss$$$yyysssssss$$$$$$$$      yyyysssssss$$$$$$$$
     $$$$$      $$$$$$       $$$$$$$$      $$$$       $$$$$$$$
     $$$$$     . $$$$$$      $$$$$$$$sssss y$$$      $$$$$$$$  gF!dAfAt  .
   . $$$$$     : $$$$$$ .   .d$$P""4$$b.    $$$$ .   .d$$P""4$$b.          :
   : $$$$$     i $$$$$$ :   $$$l    l$$$   $$$$ :   $$$l    l$$$   DF3    i
  .i $$$$$     l $$$$$$ i   '4$$bd$$P'  . $$$$ i   '4$$bd$$P'          l.
d$l $$$$$    .$ $$$$$$ l     $$$$$$$$    : $$$$ l     $$$$$$$$    :       S$,
'"4l $$$$$ bg' $$$$$$ $.    $$$$$$$$ b$ $$$$ $.    $$$$$$$$ b$ yyygF lP'~
 - i $$$$$ P~ _.$$$$$$ "4b, $$$$$$$$. ~4$ $$$$ "4b, $$$$$$$$. ~4$ $$$$$ i  -
   : $$$$$  .dP"'""4y. '4$ $$$$"'"    ' "4y. '4$ $$$$"'"4y ' $$$$$ :
- 4$$$$.P - --- - 4b,   $$P  --- -  - - 4b,   $$P- --- b. $$$P
      'S$S'             'SyS'                  'SyS'         'S$'
                                [DMS] DIMENSION US HEADQUARTERS
                                [OGN] ORIGIN US HEADQUARTERS
                                [SGE] SIEGE HEADQUARTERS
                                [RNG] RENEGADE COURIER HEADQUARTERS
                                [RTN] REVOLUTION COURIER HEADQUARTERS
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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