ReUnion Elven Legacy (Money Trainer)

Elven Legacy (Money Trainer)


Elven Legacy (Money Trainer)

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                            -*- P R E S E N T S -*-
                      Elven Legacy PLUS 1 TRAINER GERMAN
       Notes On Crack/Credits                     Game Information
  Date of Release  07-Apr-2009        Release type  Trainer
  Nr. of Options   1                  Supplied by   GENESIS
This release has been released in the scene for sceners. If you downloaded this
release from a cheat/crack websites you  should be aware of the fact  that this
release is free  and not meant  to be paid  for. We do  not in any  way condone
sites   that   charge  money  for   material  created   for  copyrighted  work.
cheat/crack  websites generate  both income  in  the  form of  advertising  and
selling accounts  for a  monthly fee.    They are  indirectly making  money off
piracy and  someones elses work. We  do not want  this or any  other release to
be  posted  on  cheat/crack  websites  or  any  site   that charges   money  to
download them.  Dont support the people who makes money off piracy.
 We're in this for the fun, not to make a profit!
                                  Game Notes
 Elven  Legacy  ist  ein  rundenbasiertes  Fantasy-Strategiespiel. Es bietet
 eine  erstaunliche Welt voller Magie in einem nicht linearen Storymodus. Je
 nachdem  welche  Entscheidungen  der  Spieler  trifft,  wird sich die Story
 jedes Mal unterschiedlich ergeben und garantiert so enorem
 Wiederspielwert.  In  einer  epischen  Herausforderung, welche die Ehre der
 Elven  zurueckbringen soll, zeigt das Fantasy-Strategiespiel eine Fuelle an
 sehenswerten  Farbszenarios. Ob als Elfe oder als Mensch, zwei verschiedene
 Kampagnen  und  eine grosse Auswahl an Nebenmissionen erwartet den Spieler.
 Wer  nicht  genug bekommen kann, der kreiert eigene Missionen und Kampagnen
 mit   dem   Editor  und  laesst  andere  im  Multiplayer  daran  teilhaben.
 -  Nicht  linearer  Storymodus:  Spiel entwickelt sich durch Entscheidungen
   des Spielers
 - Zwei umfassende Kampagnen: Als Elven oder Menschen
 - Missions-Editor zum erstellen von eigenen Kampagnen
 - Umfangreicher Multiplayer-Modus
                  Release Notes
 1. Extract RARs
 2. Run Trainer or the Game first
 3. Use desired Keys
 4. Have fun!
 Trainer Options:
 F2 - Addiert 10000 Geld hinzu.
 Vorher ins Armee-Management gehen ( B-Taste )
 Veraederung seht Ihr verzoegert. Im Trainer sofort.
                      Vista/Windows7 note
 If   you   are   running  Windows  Vista,  please  make  sure  to  run  the
 Executable in administrator mode.
 To  do  so,  Right  click  the  trainer -> Properties -> Compatability and
 choose to run it as administrator.
 Please  also  be  careful  with  modern  firewalls.  They  now  also  have
 several   protections  against  code  injection  which  is  needed  for  a
 Executable  to  work.  Make  sure  you  disable  it while playing or it might
 stop the Executable from running.
 ReUnion salutes:
             General Stuff/ReUnion News/Greets/Contact/etc..
 Team ReUnion is currently looking for :
 - talented people that candle DMA,Code-Shifting, requires coding skills in
   C++ or Delphi (no .NET).
 Fundemental Knowledge:
 We DONT send missing files or releases.
 We DONT support non.sceners how to unpack our or OTHER groups (wtf!) releases.
 We DONT allow our releses in P2P, edonkey or any 1clickhoster networks/forums.
                     We do this for fun and competition.
  Contact: Reuni2k -at- googlemail -dot- com (NO REQUESTS/SPAM)


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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