Starpoint Gemini (+8 Trainer)

Starpoint Gemini (+8 Trainer) 
Starpoint Gemini (+8 Trainer)

Starpoint Gemini (+8 Trainer) [Geri]

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This trainer has been made for Starpoint Gemini.
It is working with v1.0 and v1.0.0.2, it will probably work with higher versions too.
This trainer is an update of the previous +8 trainer. I have fixed a bug that instant reload has worked
for enemies too on v1.0.0.2.
First run the trainer.
Then run the game. (You can start the game with it's own icon or You can use the Start game button in the trainer.)
Hit ALT+1-8 on the numerical keyboard to turn options on/off. Make sure that NumLock is active.
You can also use the checkboxes to enable/disable the options.
There are 5 options in this trainer:
1. Get money
2. Unlimited HP (Hull)
3. Unlimited Energy
4. Instant weapon reload
5. Set speed to 200
6. Get 99 skill points
7. Max level (999999999 EXP)
8. Undestroyable sub-systems
Get money: Turn on the option, go to ship information, You should see that You have 999999999 money. If it has worked,
de-activate the cheat.
Unlimited HP (Hull): Hull set to 9999 for Your ship
Unlimited Energy: Unlimited Energy for Your ship
Instant weapon reload: Just keep firing and kill everything in sight (working for Your ship only).
Set speed to 200: When You are bored on a long journey, set this to speed up.
Get 99 skill points: Enable the cheat, open the ship information, You should have 99 skill points. If it has worked,
de-activate the cheat.
Max level: Enable the cheat and You will have 999999999 EXP. If it has worked, disable it. To level up and get Your skill points, do something to get some EXP.
Undestroyable sub-systems: When this option is turned on, every time if You open the repair screen, the HP of Your sub-systems will be set to very high (1 million).
Also, Your max hull HP will change to 3 millions. Of course it will also repair already damaged sub-systems immeditaely.
You can send Your comments and bugreports to

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