[STN] Frogger: The Great Quest (+2 Trainer)

Frogger: The Great Quest (+2 Trainer)


Frogger: The Great Quest (+2 Trainer)

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                          SECOND TO NONE PRESENTS...
          Frogger: The Great Quest Plus 2 Trainer (c) Konami
      Trained by: TEAM STN         Release date: 09/Dec/2002
           Packaged by: TEAM STN                Type: Trainer
           File Count: 01 x 2.88 MB
     Trainer Options:
     Q - Infinite Health
     W - 1 Hit Enemys Dont Attack
         0 - Resume all to Normal
         *NOTE* Option 2 - When you activate it the Enemys move away or
                just stay there. If they dont, you can either hit them
                and then they will move away and not attack you.
      1.) Unpack.
     2.) Run trainer.exe then run game, use trainer hotkeys from
 Install  3.) Enjoy!
     Our greetings go out to all the hard working people
       and groups in the scene, including:
    KNiFE / Razor 1911 / ASCiiANCE / BAFH / FAiRLiGHT / AOD
                      / GIMPSRUS /
              Second To None
                Since 2002
       NFO last updated on 08/09/02
   Ascii header, design and layout done by
         bART- / BAFH / ASCiiANCE

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