Num 1 – Infinite Health Num 2 – Infinite Battery Num 3 – Infinite Stamina Num 4 – No Elemental Damage/Negative Status Num 5 – Infinite Drone Ammo Num 6 – Edit Tech Scrap Num 7 – Edit Level/Max Power Num 8 – Get All Components Num 9 – Ignore Equipment Upgrade Requirements Num 0 – Super Damage/One Hit Kill

Ctrl+Num 1 – Tech Scrap Multiplier Ctrl+Num 2 – Damage Multiplier Ctrl+Num 3 – Set Game Speed Notes

"Edit Tech Scrap" and "Edit Level/Max Power": If you activate these options in menu or med bay, you’ll need to exit menu/med bay for them to work. "Get All Components": Open components tab in inventory, you’ll instantly obtain all components x99. "Ignore Equipment Upgrade Requirements": While activated, you can upgrade equipment even if you don’t have the required materials. "Infinite Drone Ammo" takes effect when drone ammo decreases.


2019.09.28: Support for v20190927 game version; Fixed an error that occurs when activating Infinite Stamina before other options

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