TNT Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush (Unlocker)

Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush (Unlocker)
Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush (Unlocker)
Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush (Unlocker)
Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush (Unlocker)


Taxi 3: eXtreme Rush (Unlocker)

Text file description:

                                          .    ''
                    .         .
           ''                                    .
                   T h e     N o v a     T e a m
                          Taxi3: eXtreme Rush *RIP*
                                (c)2005 Team6
    Supplied By : TEAM TNT                 Release Date : 04/29/2005
     Cracked By : TEAM TNT                   Protection : DataStructures 101
    What is it? : Unlocker                  OS Required : WinXX
    Packaged By : TEAM TNT                   # of Files : 01 x 5.00 Meg
   Requirements : The Game
                                Release Notes
A SavedGame giving you access to all of the areas of the game.
         All 4 'Class 1' Cars:
           Eve GT2, Ars Logger, Toya Boomer, & BVW Peeton
         All 4 'Class 2' Cars:
           Asten M3, Nix-an Orzon, US Cheves, & Combi Lambatti
         All 2 'Class 3' Cars (Extras):
           Broth500 & Grummer
         All 4 'Class 0' Cars (Extras):
           Police, Police Parked, Bus, & CabBlack
         Grants you 420,000 Money (which allows access to the Tournaments)
         Grants you ~Enough Respect~ to Access all of the Initial 5 Race Modes
  1. Our Hacked SaveGame allows you to Race using the Class 0 & Class 3 cars.
     This is normally impossible during the game, but we enabled them for fun.
     They show up as "Class 0" vehicles in the Car Selection screen because you
     should not be able to use them, without our Hack.
     Read the manual for more info about these Vehicles.
     You will see TWO Police cars in the Car Selection.  The SECOND one is the
     Parked version, which has a license plate of "M-72 LAW".  The first one
     has Sirens and Lights on it, looking like a true Police car.
  2. Also, be aware that this game is styled after "Need For Speed" (c)EA Games.
     So even though we unlocked the Initial Five Race Modes, there will be more
     later on.  You will meet more "Race Contact" people who give you different
     events to Race at.  However, there is no way to UNLOCK all the stuff
     simultaneously.  It is a progression system.  You may also need to earn
     more Money and Respect later on, to access new Races that will appear.
  3. The game immediately Terminates itself on Win 98 even though the developer
     web site says it supports both Win 98 and XP.  Even on XP it seems very
     glitchy, frequently messing up textures and making jerky movements.
     So beware!
  4. Nonetheless, it can be a fun game, using the Hacked vehicles we enabled.
     The Broth500 is FAST AS HELL.  And the Bus is awesome for just running
     down other cars; it's like a freaking TANK.
1. UnZIP all archives to a temporary directory.
2. Always make a backup copy of your game file(s) first:
3. UnRAR the archive to your game directory, overwriting any existing files.
   Always unRAR with full paths!
4. Play:
   a) Select "Single Player" to access the "Race Select" screen.
      This is Main Screen for changing Race Modes and Choosing a Vehicle.
   b) Select "Multiplayer" to Host your own server.
      Click the '3 Computers Icon'.
      Our TNT Profile will be auto-loaded giving you access to all the Cars
      and Race Modes.  Click the Dual-Arrows on the Right Side to choose a Car.
                                 TNT    News
  0day Unlockers, CheatCodes, & Trainers:
  Seeing as how many users do NOT have 0day/ access older than 6 months, we are
  going to start releasing Unlockers/CheatCodes/Trainers (which we will refer
  to by using the term '0day-dox') for updated versions of 0day game releases.
  The oddity about this is that even if older 0day-dox still work perfectly on
  the new game versions, we will still put out a new set of 0day-dox
  specifically tagged for the new game version.  The new 0day-dox will also be
  tested to make sure they work properly for a new game version, even if they
  are 100% the same files as a previous version's dox.
  Some people will consider these releases to be "dupes".  However, similar
  releasing styles are permitted for other 0day programs in the scene.
  Consider the 'including_keygen' or 'keygen.only' releases.  Usually, groups
  will wait for 2 weeks to comply with the accepted "MU Rule" and then dump a
  new version of an app even though the PREVIOUS keygens works perfectly on the
  new version.
  Should this also be considered a dupe?  Hell, some groups even include the
  same exact keygen EXE as in their previous release because the protection has
  not changed between versions.
  Do you ever see GROUP1 putting out new CRACKED versions of a specific app
  every 14 days like clockwork?  And then, find that GROUP2 dumps a KEYGEN.ONLY
  for that same version every 14 days, again like clockwork?  Maybe you check
  the keygen executables and find the files are byte for byte the same as the
  previous KEYGEN.ONLY releases they did (or maybe just version number updates
  for the window Title Messages).
  You see the pattern I'm sure.  This is acceptable behaviour in the scene???
  Yes it is.  And so new 0day-dox for NEW VERSIONS of games should also be
  When a user grabs a game and then wants a 0day-dox for it, but the only ones
  available are from like 2 years ago, or even *5 years ago* for an older
  version, they may be screwed unless they have access to a big (and COMPLETE)
  0day archive.  Or they may be cautious since they do not even know if the
  older 0day-dox will still work on the new version they just downloaded.
  Thus, your friends at TNT will release new 0day-dox for updated games from
  this date forward on a "6 month Minor Update rule" so as not to flood the
  hell out of the scene.  This means that we will wait until 6 months (calendar
  time) from the PRE date of the previous 0day-dox.  By 'calendar time', an
  example is that 6 months after January 02 2005 will be July 02 2005.  Six
  months, not 180 days, to avoid archaic calculations.  After that time, we
  will wait AGAIN for a new version of the game (we will NOT use new game
  versions that came out during the 6 month waiting period).  When a brand new
  game version is PRE-released after the 6 months of waiting, we will release
  new 0day-dox for it as needed.
  If you do not approve of our updated 0day-dox, then nuke as you see fit.  We
  always list in our NFO files if something changed with the game that
  unconditionally required a new 0day-dox, such as new levels being added or
  changes made to the savegame data format.  This way, trigger-happy nukers can
  have an easier time if they disapprove of our "dupes".  For a while however,
  we will also be reporting if an older 0day-dox is 100% the same as the new
  one.  Eventually though, we will switch to just dumping new 0day-dox without
  even taking a look at previous ones.
  TNT will not release new 0day-dox for those small-sized patches/updates of
  ISO Game Rips, which require the complete original Game Rips.  This message
  really only applies to Shareware style 0day games, which are released under
  new versions as fully self-contained games.
  To other groups of the albeit tiny 0day-dox scene:
  If you think this is a good idea, please let us know.  You can surely find
  us, even though we hide in the shadows.  muhahaha!
  The 0day scene is the only place where we will be releasing the 6-month MU
  updates.  The iso-dox scene will not see updated dox by us, unless a patch
  has altered savegame file formats or added new unlockable content.
  by TNT on March 03, 2005.
  We are the REAL original TNT.  Any other groups who have tried to front as
  TNT over the years were just imposters.
  TNT knows that you all love the original SFV data in our NFO files.
  Too many "new" sites, using cookie-cutter scripts and that god-awful
  zipscript-c (aka project-zs), ruin all the nice SFV files in the scene!
                                 TNT Members
                You know who we are.  And we know who you are.
                                  The Greets
    Groups :  None (all alone in the night)
                                 TNT   Sites
  Try to find them..
                                 Joining TNT
  TNT works in all languages.
  We seek like-minded individuals who are able to provide or create software in
  any language for release into the scene.
  Like most 'respectable' groups, TNT is non-profit.
  We release for the challenge of reverse engineering, the excitement of the
  race to win against other groups, and the spirit of fair competition.
  Positions are open for the following.
   Crackers : Experienced programmers and debuggers with assembly language
              knowledge who can produce Cracks, such as NoCDs & the removal of
              commercial protections, for games and applications.
     Coders : Experienced programmers who can produce KeyMakers, Game Trainers,
              or SavedGame file editors.  (Assembly or C language is required)
 Game Ripper: Create ripped versions of full games.  Rips retain game
              functionality while having non-essential data (such as movies or
              music) stripped out.  People, especially those on slower dial-up
              connections, can try out a game rip before deciding to buy the
              full version.
   Scanning : Printed Box Art, CDs, & Manuals for new games and applications.
 FileHacker : Create All Access Enabled (Unlocked) SavedGames.
              Modify game data files to enable Cheated Stats.
              Scan game executables to locate Cheat Codes (no web thieves).
  Suppliers : Provide retail versions of new unreleased software, either games
              or applications.
    Siteops : 10mbit or faster sites on linux/unix with at least 100gigs space.
              Preference is for sites with sections of 0day, iso, dox, pda,
              or console exclusively.
              Before contacting us, please consider that Movie/Video or MP3
              sections are not desirable to us.  Big movie/mp3 sites that have
              iso, 0day, or dox as an afterthought are not for TNT.  Sorry.
What TNT does not need:
  Couriers, Pre Whores, Site/Bot Scripters, Thieves, Group Hoppers, Leechers,
  Narqs, Narcs, nor undercover agents.
                                 Contact TNT
  Those who seek TNT will find a way to get in touch with us.
  Just ask around for the #1 Dox group.
  TNT has no email address, nor a web site.  Any you find are surely fake.
  Header Logo : Super Nova [TNT]            NFO Layout : Super Nova
> Last Update by [Super Nova] <[01/18/2005]
                          " There can be only one! "
---------------------------------TNT DIR INFO---------------------------------
---------------------------------END TNT INFO---------------------------------

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Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

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