Virtua Squad trainer

Virtua Squad trainer

Virtua Squad trainer

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                   = Virtua Squad readme
Virtua Squad Trainer made by Voodoo Child using
by olivier pasqualini
This Trainer Pokes the Credits Value to give 180 continues or
so and Freezes the pistol ammo and lives value.
1) load the Trainer
2) Assign a hotkey to the selection you want by clicking on the
tab to the right of the option.
3)All options can be assigned a hotkey and used all at the same
time when playing the game.
4)Load the game and when playing the game hit the hotkey you
assigned for credits or lives or ammo.
5)ammo and lives can be turned off by pressing the assigned hotkey
again - when credits run out just press hotkey again to put another
180 or so into it.
    Happy Shooting
                Voodoo Child 98
With any comments about the trainer.
*This File was leeched off El Brutalo's Cheat Compendium*
*      check out ****://           *
* The Official Magic Trainer Creator Site is located at *
*         ****://          *


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