Wing Commander 2 trainer

Wing Commander 2 trainer

Wing Commander 2 trainer

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INC '91 Presents!
Wing Commander II VGA Trainer
Based on a release by INC that was supplied by Anonymous, packaged by
Magnum, distributed by Stalker, which in turn was given to all the
couriers to distribute, was uploaded on Pool of Radiance BBS by Dr. Q2,
and was downloaded by me because The Eel gave me an extra 240 minutes
transfer time. Happy Labor day!
Trainer keys are as follows:
		/ - slash key. Trainer activator (i.e. grey plus key)
		Z - Unlimited damage, invulnerability toggle
		B - Unlimited fire power toggle
		X - Unlimited weapons/missiles toggle
		Q - Unlimited thrust/fuel toggle
		[ - Protect ship(s) and add to buffer
		] - Clear buffer, protect no ships
Version 1.0 -
	Ok, the trainer keys are the same as the Secret Missions II
trainer I made a while back. The same rules apply in that you have
to press the slash key when you are in the locker room. This must be
pressed here because I am intercepting the combat code when it's
loaded in and out of memory. You should hear a tone or grunt or
whatever that tells you that everything is a-ok.
	Once you've pressed the slash key, press all the trainer key
toggles that you need right away. If you try and toggle them during
combat, the trainer will activate the cheat on or off when the combat
routine is reloaded. This is because the game alters the pointers to
functions every now and then. The trainer will currently work on the
VGA version. It may or may not work on the EGA version until I see
the code.
	An added feature is the [ and ] keys. They are used to protect
ships that need to be escorted. When you're out in space with the
other ships to escort and your wingman, try and lock on to each
target. When you are locked on to one of them, press the [ key. Then
go to the next ship and press [ for that to. Only do it for those
ships that accompany you on your mission. At any time your escorted
ships leave or jump out of the sector, clear the queue by pressing
the ] key and then re-lock on to your wingman and use the [ key to
protect him/her. Before every mission or when you are in the locker
room, it's a good idea to clear the queue ( ] key ) because the queue
is still valid unless you change it. It may protect the enemy ships
if you forget to clear it. When the ships to be escorted are at
another nav point, then do the same thing there (clear queue, add on
those ships you want to protect). Remember, don't protect those ships
that don't auto-pilot with you or are not attacked. If you rendevous
with another ship that's being attacked, then just add that ship to
the queue. When the battle is over, then clear the queue and add them
all back in. The reason why this is so tedious a process is that I'm
not sure if the program moves the ship record files around or not. If
you think it doesn't, then you only need to clear the queue and
re-add the ships once. The thing you are adding to the queue is the
game's ship ID record index. Whereever the game decides to place the
ship in it's record is the one I'm protecting. You could also say
that if I locked on to an enemy target, I could destroy it. Well
that's essentially correct but lets not get carried away. After all,
the fun of this game is to blow those Kilralthi to pieces using your
guns and missiles, not by a trainer keypress.
	When you lock and add the ship to the queue, you'll hear a low to
high tone. If you do it again to the same ship, you'll hear a high to
low tone telling you that it's already in the queue. The maximum
queue size I did was five. I hope you don't have to protect more than
five. The queue will hold five different ship ID records so if you
accidentally add the same ship, it won't be added to the queue if
it's been added already.
	The game has an excellent story line and different scenes,
including the locker room graphics, which really make this game worth
playing. They've also added cool features like the 'replay
mission/continue script' option. This lets you start out in space w/o
having to go back to the locker room. Also, when you continue a game,
it'll start you off where you left off before you exited. Now you
don't have to load the saved game but go directly to the mission. So
far I've played up to the sixth mission while bypassing the storyline
to check for the unlimited missles. Anyways, I'll have to restart the
game and see what the storyline is all about. I can't wait to buy this
- Rescue Raider [INC]
	For those who downloaded my Secret Weapons of the Luffwaffe
trainer, you need to get the updated version 1.1 of it. The toggle
keys were toggling the wrong things.
	Lastly, I will not do anymore trainers for beta games. You will
have to wait until the actual release.
Other grunts and gripes:
	It has come to my attention that some person or persons (notice I
haven't excluded females) has uploaded a virus program imitating this
Wing Commander II trainer. Why would someone stoop so low to do a dumb
stunt like this is beyond me. Do you (referring to party involved) get
your jollies doing things like this and ruining people's hard drive?
Can't you leave well enough alone or are you jealous that INC released
Wing Commander II?
	To those of may have been hit by the virus, I am deeply sorry. I
regret to tell you that there are stupid users out there that find it
amusing to do these moronic things. I can't believe I would be saying
this about my programs but be careful what you download and run. Even
a virus checker can't catch all viruses and trojans. This is really
pissing me off!!!!!!
	To all INC and RR couriers that distribute my trainers, they will
always originate from either Criminal Dreams, Pool of Radiance, California
Dreamin' (when it's up) and Realm of Madness. Speak with the sysop of
the board that you will be uploading it to and work something out
where you will be the one who will be uploading my trainers. This
will weed out any false uploaders and prevent others from falling
into another virus trap. This helpful advice goes also to the CAE
lines out there that have high transfer activities. Sysops and
co-sysops running these boards should have a user name and area code
password that the user must put in that verifies that the trainer
isn't a bogus file. Then the one who is in charge will see the handle
and area code password and trainer uploaded, and rename the uploader's
name to "original" or something to let the users know it's a good copy.
	I do hope that this doesn't deter you from downloading any future
trainers I do. I don't want to say any names but I do have a feeling
who is responsible, and that person should set the record straight
and tell his side of the story before any bad rumors start again.
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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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