X-men trainer

X-men trainer

X-men trainer

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                     X-men - Children of the atom - TRAINER.
 Cracker  :                           Release Date : May 15, 1997
 Supplier :                           Oper. System : DOS
 Stripper :                           Protection   :
 Packager : Dogfriend                 Game Type    : Trainer
                     Req: X-men game.
                         oOo Release Notes oOo
  Here's a little trainer for you guys who find this game too hard..
  You can either choose to be impossible to knock out, or get unlimited
  time, or choose both, if you're a totally wimp..
  Greets: Animal * Paki 1 & 2 * Hemp Hoodlum * Mr. Skill * Arch-vile *
          Prozac * Mindbinder * Agony * Davngol * Snoop * Menion * Cypher *
          Kali * and Al Bundy...
          Paradigm - Destiny - Hybrid - Razor - Siege.
  A special fucking to Intimidator, who restarted Dominators on his own..
  What a fucking loser you are, be sure all your FAKE Dom releases will be
  NUKED on all major sites.. so dont even bother lamer..
                         oOo Install Notes oOo
 Copy the trainer.exe to your X-men dir. Run it to Enable/Disable the
                             APPLICATION INFO
  Interested in joining?  We are looking for  talented new members to help
  us fill the ranks!  If you  fall within any of the following categories,
  you might just be what we're looking for:
  * If you work for a software developer, distributor, or publisher!
  * If you can supply unreleased games, utilities, or even hardware!
  * If you work for an ISP, or other provider of shell accounts, etc!
  * If you feel that you have anything else that might be of value to us!
                             CONTACT INFO
  Should you wish to make contact with our members, we can easily be
  reached via this method...
  E-Mail (USA&Europe):       classpc@hotmail.com or skill@giblets.com
                  // RiSE iN SUPERiOR COURiERiNG /
                        // O-12 HOUR WAREZ /
     -----// OUR FAMILY /------  
   Aironz  Analog Kid  Arch-Vile  Bandito  Beachboy  Bizzy  Bleachboy
    Chronus  Cirion  Clubber  Corpse  CP  Cruger  Daviolator  Ddruid
   Deepmind  Eagle 1  Eci  Enforcer  Fronthead  G-Bit  Goro  Gremlin
 Hemp Hoodlum  Inebriated  Infrared Vision  Jam  Juice  Kapitano  Legion
  Lunatic Genius  Mach One  Maze  Mindreader  Milo Minderbinder  Mozart
   Mr.Blazer & Yum Yum  Nizda  Ones Wally  Oyl Patch  Prophet  Savager
 Shadowfax  Skybum  Slain  Stealth  Stingray 6  Suspicious Image  Syrup
             Technomancer  The Outlaws  The Pep  [TSA]  Widget
    -----//  GROUP NOTES /------  
   RiSC is the longest lasting courier group by far, and continues to bring
            honor and respect to the courier scene as only RiSC can.
  To our supporters we can only say, that YOU are what keeps the group going.
     And to our competitors we say, keep trying guys, you can only aspire.
    We have removed quite a few inactive members, if you become active again
       then please feel free to reapply and we will consider reactivating
                             your membership ASAP.
     We welcome the most recent additions to our World Class Trading Team:
    -----//    GREETS    /------  
          RAZOR 1911/RCD, PWA, MTY, DoD, CLASS, REBELS and X-FORCE!
      -----//  BBS & SITES  /------  
     If you're in RiSC, you will know it, there is no point in listing our
                               famous sites here.
    -----//    PLEASE NOTE     /------  
            If you are interested in joining RiSC, either as a TRADER
               or as an AFFiLiATE BOARD, contact one of our people.
      We are only accepting a very small percentage of those interested in
      joining, so please make sure you have something to offer the group.
          RiSC does not take donations of any sort for our services.
           We work on merit alone, the way the scene should be run.
   --// (1997)(C) RiSE iN SUPERiOR COURiERiNG (C)(1997) /--
   -----//     APRIL 13TH 1997     /----- 
... This phile has visited ...
   .. C . A . S . T . L . E .... R . O . C . K .... C . O . U . N . T . Y ..
                    [ RiSC INET SITE - PWA INET EUROHQ ]
                    Passed thru at 05/16/97 05:56:02 AM
              s`'s.   ,$.  as                            s`'s.   ,$.
      d.,.        l$,s$$$b  `'  ,. `'s. `'s.                l$,s$$$b
    .d$$  `'s.   d$'`'S$  d$   `b    `b    `b  d`'s.       d$'`'S$
.,s$$$$$      `b d$$       d$$    $     $     $ d'    `b.    d$$
`"$$$$$       $ $$$       d$$   ,P    ,P    ,P.P      `$b   $$$   d
    `Y$$      ,P $$$       $$$  sP'  .sP'  .sP'lb       Y$b  $$$  d'    `s.
      Y$    .sP' $$$       $$$ aP'.s$$P'.s$$P' `Y.    .sl$$b $$$ .P      `$b
      l$ .s$$P'  $$$       $d$ `' "$$' "$$'   `.,s` d$$$.$$$ lb       Y$b
      d$`"$$'   `$'    d. `$'                       d.      `$' `Y.    .sl$$b
     d$$    `         .d$$                         .d$$           `.,s` d$$$
    ,d$$          .,s$$$$$      .s             .,s$$$$$                  $$$$b
   d$$$$          `"$$$$$  .,s$$$             `"$$$$$                 d$$$$P
  d$$$$$              `Y$$  `"$P`                 `Y$$                d$$$$$'
  `S$$$$                Y$        $                  Y$     .,      .s$$$$$$`
    `Y$$                l$        $ `'s. `'s.      l$ .s'`      `"$$$$P'
      $'                d$       d$     `b    `b     d$d`              `$'
                     ,d$$$     ,d$$      $     $   ,d$$$
                    d$$$$$ .,s$$$$$     ,P    ,P d$$$$$`Y.
                    `S$$$$ `"$$$$$   .sP'  .sP' `S$$$$ `Ys.
                      `Y$$     `Y$$ s$$P'.s$$P'    `Y$$  `Y$$s.
                        $'       $' $$' "$$'       $'   `$$"
                 ---     President       --
                  ---   Vice-President    --
                 ---   Senior Council    --
                        PhenOmenO - Bass - DeaDChaNe
                              Trinidad - EzEkill
              IcSmurfs - NailBomb - Grinder_ - Perish - ZarathOS
                          Icu812 -  Swat - Reeper
                    Jonni - data - SHike - Drapper - IRT
           SavFaire - Sprout - FDNCblue - f00k - oCatt  - WildWendy
            NvC SiteS
               sYSTEM nAME      SpeeD  gIGS        TiTlE
            Axxxxxxx            DT1           World HQ
            DxxxxDxx             t3           US HQ
            ?????                t3           Euro HQ
            ?????                t3           Courier HQ
	    Cxxx                 t1           Member Site
            Hxxxx Ox Txxxxxxxxx  t3           Member Site
                               Group Greetz
          ShoCk - GloW - DEVOTION - RiSE - DOD - RZR - TRSi - HeriTage
                ...... This file has passed through ......
                        -/- A m b i q u o u s -/-
                       .....xX[ NVC World HQ ]Xx.....
               .....xX[ RiSE Courier Headquarters ]Xx....
                .....xX[ TRSI North American HQ]Xx....
.               :
:                                        :
:     :
        Q    U    A    D    C    O    N
:     :
                        7.1gig  --  Full T1 Speed
                 Council - Katman, Lour, Whiz, Bunsen
                 SiteOps - Katman, GaL   CoSiteOp - W0LF
                         fATE     MOTiV8     VLC
                              RBS        THG
                            Uploaded on: 05/16
 - M O T i V 8   C O U R I E R S - F O R  A  N E W - G E N E R A T I O N -
             - MOTiV8 Founder -
               - MOTiV8 HiGH COUNCiL -
               Baldyman  D^ab|o    Crass  JOKER  Blastman
               - MOTiV8 CO-ORDINATORS -
                 Kp1  [-lion-]  |rev|  ttentacle  Toolio
      - SENiOR COURiERS -
                          Go-KU  Havok  Usurper
            DarkAcid  Deadpoet  Pulpz  Prodigal Sun  Sneeze
              darkl0rd  Seven  ttentacle  [ripper]  Virtual
              S0BERMAN  kp1  Merlin-Z  Zig  Gnome  Bender
                     mik-  Crash Override  [-lion-]  Merlin-Z
           - MOTiV8 MEMBERS -
                  Citznfish  D0ZER   Chanman  Dav321
                Htlcalbbs   DarkMaster   Fryguy  Hacir
            Muffin  Katman   Jonni   Joker  Solarize  Stormside
               SirEqu  BiG_PeRM  Turok  Yaotzin   Vortexia
                  Viva  Snowcrash  siter  Cherie  ^8TracK^
                    Allanon  wh0re  |Smooth|  [Sky]
                          Deth1666  DeepFear  GNC
         - NFO/NEWSLETTER DiViSiON -
           darkl0rd  D^ab|o  ttentacle  kp1  Merlin-Z  Kandy
       -   TRIAL COURiERS   -
                           Detonator  Mushie  SDR
---- -      - --[04/24/97]
                      M O T i V 8   I N E T   S I T E S
---- -      - --
   NAME                SITEOP       SPEED          STATUS
  Needed!              xxxx         T?       WORLD HQ
  HellFire             xxxx         T3       USA  HQ
  GuroHeaven           xxxx         T3       CANADA HQ
  Thr Crypt            xxxx         T3       EURO HQ
  QxxxCxx              xxxx         T3       Affiliated
  DxFxx                xxxx         T3       Affiliated
  DxxxxRxxx            xxxx         Cable    Affiliated
  Uxxxxxx Cxxxxxxx     xxxx         T3       Affiliated
  Fxxxx                xxxx         T3       Affiliated
  Fxxxxxxx Pxxxx       xxxx         Cable    Affiliated
  Rxxxxxxcxxx          xxxx         T3       Affiliated
  CxxxDxxx             xxxx         T3       Affiliated
  Wxxxx Sxxxxx         xxxx         T3       Affiliated
  Cxxxxx Fxx Dxxxxx    xxxx         Cable    Affiliated
---- -      - --
                            MOTiV8 GENERAL NEWS
---- -      - --
 Many members have been removed from the NFO because of inactivity. If you
 you don't see your nickname in the NFO this means that you have been
    If you think that we made a mistake then talk with a council member.
                      MORE CLEANING in the next few days!
     We are looking for Legal Shell Suppliers and Inet ftp sites of at
         least T3, X-ftpd, 6 or more gigs, we offer great support.
     *** Email senior@motiv8.org if you have what we are looking for. **
      If you are unhappy with the ego of your courier group and you are
               a dedicated and a fast courier then contact us.
---- -      -- --
                         MOTiV8 General Information
---- -      -- --
   One of the older and more respected courier groups in the scene is still
   alive after 2 and half years. Friendship and loyality is the key of our
         We despise egos in this group. We differ from the other groups
        because of this. We support *ALL* groups by spreading their files
---- -      -- --
                       MOTiV8 GROUP & PERSONAL GREETS
---- -      -- --
       We Greet the following groups for their continued support:-
                          PWA  LND  MTY  HYBRID
       We Greet the following people for their continued support:-
        If you are not in this NFO file, then you are not in MOTiV8.
         MOTiV8 Email : senior@motiv8.org
         MOTiV8 Irc   : Msg any council member
         MOTiV8 WWW   : http://www.motiv8.org
__    __    __    ________  ____ _________ _______ ___ _______ _    __    __
    /    /    /        /    |         |___|   |   /   _      /    /
===)=====)===== /  _  _   |   _ |____|    |   |   |   \_     _/==)=====)=====
  /    /     /   |  |   |        | |    |          /   -    /    /    /
)=====)=====)= \___|__|___/\______/fr|____|____|\_____\_______/=====)=====)==
  \__/  \__/   [Motiv8mOtiv8moTiv8motIv8motiV8] \__/  \__/
 <||||   Updated Last by D^ab|o on April 26, 1997    ||||>
 (c) MOTiV8 iNC. MCMXCVi 


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Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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