Bioshock E3 Presentation Trailer



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This is the demonstration video that was shown behind closed doors at E3 2006 and which led many of us to declare Bioshock as one of the most ambitious and forward-looking games at the show. The video is made up of 14 minutes of in-game footage and includes a narrative by Kevin Levine from Irrational Games and clearly demonstrates the technical integrity of the game and the vision behind it.

Coming from the developers of System Shock 2, Freedom Fighters and Tribes: Vengeance, Bioshock is expected to release in 2007 for both PC and XBox 360. The game is an F.P.S. at heart but one which crosses over to the action adventure and RPG genres every now and then.

Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K, describes the game as being: ...set in a rich underwater utopia gone horribly wrong, BioShock features emergent gameplay driven by player choice which seamlessly integrates RPG, adventure, and shooter elements.

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