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Atlus U.S.A. announced its plans to publish Samurai Western, an action-packed adventure game scheduled to ship in June 2005 for the PlayStation 2. Developed by Spike, the creators of the original Tenchu and The Way of the Samurai series, Samurai Western is an enhanced version of the Japanese game that was released earlier in the year. A trailer of the game is available by following the download tab above.

Featuring improved graphics and a multitude of gameplay additions such as a First Person Mode, an Insane difficulty level, and Bushido Sense, Samurai Western will tar and feather all but the most experienced gamers!

It's the American West during the 1800's. The days of pioneers and the Gold Rush are ending, and a transcontinental railway is in place. One day, a lone stranger arrives in a tiny, windswept desert town...

His long hair is drawn back in a topknot and he wears strange foreign clothes. A mysterious looking blade that is neither a knife nor a saber hangs from his belt. This mysterious stranger is certainly no gunman, and he ain't no indian...

His name is Gojiro Kiryu, and he's bringing justice back to the Old West.

Samurai Western Key Features:

- Slash your way through 16 different missions!

- Bushido Sense allows you to dodge and deflect bullets with superhuman skill!

- Customize your hero by choosing between 10 different stances each with their own special attacks and powers!

- Over 100 unlockables including over 25 playable characters, 70 accessories and 20 weapons!

- Be a Samurai or a Gunman! Unique 2 player mode allows you to play as both!

- Unleash the power of the samurai in Master Mode and chain hundred-hit combos!

Samurai Western has an MSRP of USD 39.99.

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