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Any excuse to talk about Terminator 3 is welcome. This time it is the release of a new image by Warner Brothers which has caused a stir. In the picture you can clearly see Arnie menacing as ever, sporting a new improved leather jacket, standing among the flames doing what he does best.

T3 is scheduled for a July 2nd, 2003 release but what is even more surprising is that T4, the expected finale to the series, is expected in 2004. T4 however, has not yet managed to confirm Arnold Schwarzenegger or any other big name.

As is usually the case this series of sequels will not involve, in any way, the original creators of the Terminator saga. James Cameron no longer wants to be involved and the producers have hired the writers of Tank Girl to carry out the enormous task of pleasing the sequel weary audiences.

The story of T3 is expected to rely heavily on T2's premise. Schwarzenegger will return in order to once again protect John Conner, this time however, the "evil" Terminator is an even more advanced model and guess what she's (Kristanna Loken) hot and she wears leather.

According to the story of T3, John Conner now runs a computer programming company. He decides to hack into Cyberdyne Systems and goes on to discover a top-secret operation codenamed Skynet. The watchful future robots however, find out and a pair of terminators are sent, the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in order to protect him from the deadly and nearly indestructible T-X, a female terminator able to change shapes, disappear and wear clothes which bond with the skin.

Whatever most Terminator fans may say and however hard T3 is criticized it is almost certain that everyone will go see it. Let's hope the writers won't let us down.

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