World of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer


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In order to celebrate the U.S. launch of World of Warcraft, Blizzard has released the intro cinematic for World of Warcraft. Watch titanic conflicts erupt once again as the races of Azeroth clash across epic, fantasy landscapes.

To download the movie, follow the download tab above to obtain Blizzard's movie downloader. Once you have that file on your hard drive run it in order to get the movie from Blizzard's servers (49.7 MB).

Text file description: 

FILEVERSION 0,9,6,4 PRODUCTVERSION 0,9,6,4 FILEFLAGSMASK 0x3F FILEFLAGS 0x0 FILEOS VOS_UNKNOWN | VOS__WINDOWS32 FILETYPE VFT_APP FILESUBTYPE 0x0 { BLOCK "StringFileInfo" { BLOCK "040904b0" { VALUE "CompanyName", "Blizzard Entertainment" VALUE "FileDescription", "Blizzard Downloader" VALUE "FileVersion", "0, 9, 6, 4" VALUE "InternalName", "WindowsClient" VALUE "LegalCopyright", "(c) 2004 Blizzard Entertainment" VALUE "OriginalFilename", "WindowsClient.exe" VALUE "ProductName", "Blizzard Downloader" VALUE "ProductVersion", "0, 9, 6, 4" } } BLOCK "VarFileInfo" { VALUE "Translation", 0x409, 1200 } }

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