UT2004: Out of Hell Demo


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A place engulfed by the stench of death. Try to survive through a hellish town filled with flesh-hungry zombies in the Out Of Hell Demo for Unreal Tournament 2004! The demo includes: 1 map, 4 weapons, 4 pages of story

Out Of Hell (Demo Version)

Website: http://www.outofhell.net
Creator: Long Nguyen
Contact: chickenribscombo@hotmail.com


- Unreal Tournament 2004 Game installed
- Unreal Tournament 2004 'Patch 3355' installed
(Previous/later patch versions have NOT been tested)



Out Of Hell is a horror-themed, Single-Player Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament 2004.
You take on the role of several characters who are trying to survive a demonic invasion from Hell.

The demo version of Out Of Hell includes:

- 1 zombie-infested level
- 2 firearms (Pistol/Shotgun)
- 2 close-range weapons (Utility Axe/Crowbar)
- 4 pages of story

The full version will feature:

- More zombies/more monsters
- 11 melee weapons and 6 firearms
- 12+ atmospheric levels
- A deep and disturbing storyline spanning over 12 chapters



By default, I've set 'Out_Of_Hell.ini' AND 'Out_Of_HellUser.ini to be 'read-only' files. Make sure you uncheck 'read-only' in the file properties in order to save your config changes in-game!


The following bugs exist but will be addressed later:


- Changing configuration/visual settings in-game can cause some settings in 'Out_Of_HellUser.ini'to reset, namely the 'HUD Opacity' and 'HUD Scaling', resulting in disappearing 'Ammo' and 'Health' count icons.

To fix this, simply locate this line in your 'Out_Of_HellUser.ini':


and replace it with this:


One possible solution before a fix is officially applied is that you do a test run and configure your settings in-game. When satisfied, simply exit to windows using the 'windows key' and set the 'Out_Of_Hell.ini' AND 'Out_Of_HellUser.ini' to be 'read-only' files, making sure the changes described above are in place. (The HUD Scale/Opacity) Exit 'Out Of Hell' and the new changes will be applied the next time you play.


- Starting 'Out Of Hell' from within UT2004's 'community' mods option will cause the game to crash.


- If sound does not work in-game, go to configuration/audio and make sure the 'System Driver' box is checked.


'Out Of Hell' is copyright 2005, Long Nguyen. 'Unreal Warfare' engine is property of 'Epic Games'.

- You MAY NOT use/alter any of the assets (textures/graphics/models/animations/sounds) packaged with 'Out Of Hell' or the 'Out Of Hell Demo' for a map, mod, total conversion or project. Countless hours have gone into bringing 'Out Of hell' to life and I sincerely ask that you follow this simple request.

- You MAY use the code contained in 'Out_Of_Hell.u' if you need. Though it's messy, it may help anyone interested in coding single-player games. The code is open-source.

- The 'OoH_Installation' and 'OoH_README' text files must remain un-altered and included with the Out Of Hell demo.

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UT2004: Out of Hell Demo

This mod was in development before UT2k4 was even out. He transfered over for better features and such.This mod is developped by one person, and one person only.Seeing as how this mod was in dev way before HL2 was released, I wouldn't say they're ripoffs. Turns out, crowbars exist in real life. And if I was in the middle of a zombie infested town, I'd gladly take a crowbar as a weapon.

UT2004: Out of Hell Demo

A crowbar would be good, because although not an amazing weapon, its reasonably easy to carry, jet still pack a punch, and it would be handy for breaking into houses to find food, guns, somewhere to sleep, etc as a lot of people would have locked and boarded up the doors/windows.

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