101st Airborne in Normandy - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" during gameplay:

Code Effect
AirNormandy Soldiers ReJump into Normandy
AngryManDinners Soldiers are Given Food
Iknow Displays All Germans Equipment Bags Insides of Buildings
TraitorTraitor Current Soldier Surrenders
PrisonPod Removes All Parachutes
Weasel All Soldiers on the Map are Made Available
YouGoSquishNow All the Germans on the Map are Killed
Helllive all the germans on the map are killed.
Ihaveyounow all the germans on the map are surrendered.
Beef all the cows on the map are killed.
Heknows turns off Iknow.
Robocop3 makes your soldier go berzek.
Hohoho Gives your GI a brand new MG42 plus two ammo belts.
Iwillsurvive Unlimited lives

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