1080: Silver Storm - Skip to Final Challenge

1080: Silver Storm - Skip to Final Challenge

Skip to Final Challenge

Enter these codes at the Enter an Avalanche Code in the options mode.Password Effect

9AVVIKNY -- Access Final Challenge On Extreme Mode
EATFIKRM -- Skip to the Expert final challenge level
2AUNIKFS -- Skip to the Hard final challenge level
JAS3IKRR -- Skip to the Novice final challenge level

Alternate Costumes

Complete expert with any character

Alternate designs for all boards

Get 18 Time Trial coins

Alternate skins for all regular boards

Get all time trial coins, including the ones in extreme championship

Character BONES Skelleton man

Beat extreme mode whit ROB

Character CRYSTAL CRYSTAL women

Beat extreme mode whit AKARI

Character FROSTY Snowman

Beat extreme mode whit RICKY

Character MIMI mosse

Beat extreme mode whit TARA

Character TITANIUM

Beat extreme mode whit KEMEN

Every characters 2 board

get 2 timetrailer coins

Every characters 3 board

get 5 timetrailer coins

Every characters 4 board

get 9 timetrailer coins

Every characters different logos on ALL boards exept special boards

get ALL timetrailer coins

Extreme championship

Complete expert championship

Fourth board for everyone 8-Bit Soul, Bad Cat, Pulse, Conquest, Backbone

Get 9 Time Trial coins

Mr Beakes Board Penguin

Earn 2 Trophies

NST 1080 Avalanche Jet Rocket

Earn 18 Trophies

Old school board

Get 4 coins

Old School BoardNES Control Pad

Earn 5 Trophies

Paintbrush board

Get 7 coins

Penguin board

Get 1 coins

Powder Painter Pencil

Earn 9 Trophies

Second board for everyone Winterborn, Once Bitten, Scaretactix, GCN, Crime Scene

Get 2 Time Trial coins

Third board for everyone Mind Invasion, Happiness, Cold Front, Broken Forest, DNA

Get 5 Time Trial coins