3D Ultra RC Racers - Various Cheats

3D Ultra RC Racers - Various Cheats

Submitted by Victor D. "Wolverine" victordwolverineyahoo.com

Various Cheats

During gameplay enter any of the following "Codes". You may also press P to pause gameplay to enter the codes easier:

Code Effect
bouncy Extra Springy Vehicles and Track Boundaries
sticky Incrased Traction for All Cars
slippery Loss of Traction
turbo Double your Normal Car Speed
war Unlimited Bottle Rockets for Everyone
ghost No Collisions
hitme Aggressive Computer Drivers
moon Reduced Gravity
heavy Increased Gravity

Money Cheat

Enter your h3 as 'i cheat' then at the Upgrade Menu type MONEY for 200.

No more hazards

Before you can get this code to work, you must download the RC Racers patch first.

While racing, press P to pause the game, then type BUGOFF. The tracks hazards will be turned off.
Note: The cheat works for 1 race only. You must pause the game and type BUGOFF again to use it one more time.

1 Less Computer Opponent

Enter your name as one of the cumputers names Racer xxl, Flash and you have one less oppenent to beat.