Find out how to obtain all achievements in Accounting+.

A New Direction:
You get this achievement for turning around in the tutorial.

Come On And Slam:
In the main hub world, go towards the basketball hoop and start throwing the
ball. You will get this achievement by missing all your shots (Its impossible
to actually score a point).

The Joe Finegold Achievement Award:
In the gang level grab the brick and hold it until the 3 animals stop talking.
Eventually after holding it long enough the brick will start talking to you.
Throw the brick at the window once he finishes talking (The brick will even say
"its too late" when you can throw it).

Grate Job:
In the level with the king of vr (Chunky, gross-looking grey blob) grab the
knife from the table and drop it down the grate in the floor.

Gate Job:
In the level with the bone xylophone, go towards the door that says it requires
a secret coin. Keep knocking at the door and listen to all the guards dialogue.
Eventually he lets you in without a coin. (This takes a long time).

Mandvcare Stercore:
Once you get into the door that requires the secret coin (or just knock until
he lets you in) put all the casettes in the player until the right song plays
(you need to insert them all, the last cassette you insert will be correct one
no matter which one it is) Once the summoning items spawn do whatever you want
with them (there is no way to fail this, just wait until they burn up
automatically) Then eat the gross poo to summon satan.

So How We Doing There?:
After being either killed by satan in the ritual or drinking the acid from the
bone xylophone level, you will be in the van level. Open the shutter to see cops pursuing you. The left gun case will open and you need to shoot all the cops until the pirate ship appears. Keep shooting it until it explodes.

Trophy FM:
After killing the pirate boss you can tune the radio before continuing. Keep
tuning until you get to the trophy station that talks about you earning trophies.

Breaking News:
The second time you are in the forest (its on fire) open the little birdhouse
and stick your head in it to watch the TV. You will hear bird noises and get
the Achievement.

The Reggie Watts Achievement Award:
At the end of the game (after you let the bomb explode in the forest fire level) you will be back in the office area with a whiteboard. Turn on the phone and listen to the 2 people congratulate and insult you until the very end. (Wait until they stop talking) Then keep flipping the board over and over and over until you get Reggie Watts. (A big sharpie face that starts talking to you).

Play Accounting+:
This one requires some explanation. Use the level select in the hub to go to the forest level (where you first meet the "f*ck you" guy in the tree) Open the
birdhouse, grab the seed and place it on the flower pot. Once the guy pops out
from the tree he will scold you for planting his seed and the seed will grow into a small flower. Now just do what you would do regularly (Play the game like normal and keep going until you get to the forest fire level) Once you get there you will notice that the flower has now turned into a tree with an apple hanging from it. Grab the apple and put it on your face to get to a secret room with a creepy accounting+ fanboy sitting in the corner. Wait until he takes off his headset and then grab it from his hand and put it on yourself. (or you can try to pry it from his face before he finishes).

Cell La Vie:
Head into the first forest level (where you first meet "f*uck you" guy) and wait until he pops out of his tree with the vr headset and the battery. Leave the vr headset where it spawns and just rotate it so the empty hole that the battery goes into faces the generator. Walk to the generator, grab the battery and throw it towards the vr headset from that distance. If you land it, you get the achievement.

Knife To Meet You:
This one's easy, visit the king of vr (the one you are meant to stab) grab the
knife and try to position yourself in front of the king but with some space
between you two (the playspace is small so just stand as far from him as possible while still facing him) Then throw the knife into his stomach.

Money Shot:
Head into the heart level (where the bone xylophone and the secret door are). Go towards the secret door and knock on it. After the guard stops talking go towards the big bone that houses the acid and grab the coin next to it. Now just try to throw the coin into the coin slot from a distance. (Can be done from the doors playspace).

Get Cartridge Or Die Tryin':
Head into the first office level (where you first meet the two phone guys) Follow their instructions until you are tasked to insert the accounting cartridge. Grab the cartridge, and try to throw it into the slot from a distance.