Aero Elite: Combat Academy - Unlock Blue Impulse F86 Fighter


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Unlock Blue Impulse F-86 Fighter

Go to the Island map and get the Blue Impulse Logo in Free Flight Mode

Get F-105 Drone

Get a altitude of 50,000 feet during Training Mode

Get the A-10

Finish all ground training objectives during training mode

Get F-104J

Get to mach 2.0

Get F-86 Fighter

Log one hour of flight time in Training Mode

Get F-14 test bed

Beat Recon Mission 2

Get F-15 1

Get 50 Kills

Get F-15 2

Get 100 Kills

Get F-15 C

Finish ACM objectives in Aero Meet

Get F-15 J

Finish 10 Scrambles

Get Oh-6

Finish Helicopter Training

Get Su-27 Fighter

Beat recon Mission 3

Get F-2B

Finish 50 Scrambles

Get A-7 Corsair

Finish Air to ground 4 at the Aero Meet

Get A-7E in US navy Colors

Finish 20 Carrier Landings

Get AV-8b Harrier

Finish VTOL training

Get the C-1

Finish the Maneuver Objectives at Aero Meet

Get Blue Impulse T2 Trainer

In free flight mode get the Blue Impulse Icon under the suspension bridge on the bay level

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