The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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Unlimited XP:
Load the 'Raid On Oscorp' mission and proceed through the mission until you leave the air vents. When you reach this point a cutscene will begin which you can skip if you hold 'Select'. Stealth kill 4 enemies and then dispose of the final enemy however you want. When you have defeated the last enemy pause the game and select the 'Restart' option. Then choose the 'Yes' option to restart from the last checkpoint which is where you leave the air vents. Keep repeating this process until you reach the desired costume level. Note: the max costume level is 8.

Pre-Order amd DLC Bonus Costumes:
The following suits are GameStop pre-order and DLC bonuses.

GameStop pre-order bonus.

Iron Spider Armour:
GameStop pre-order bonus.

Noir Spider-Man:
GameStop pre-order bonus.

Cosmic Spider-Man:
GameStop pre-order bonus.

PlayStation Network DLC.

Unlock Bonus Costumes:
The following costumes become available when you complete the corresponding task. To change costumes you need to go to Peter Parker's closet at Aunt May's home and then open the 'Wardrobe' menu to cycle through the available costumes.

Amazing Spider-Man (2012 Movie):
Unlocked from the start.

Amazing Spider-Man (2014 Movie):
Unlocked from the start.

Big Time Suit:
Clear 1 Hideout.

Flipside Suit:
Clear 1 Hideout.

Hornet Suit:
Complete ALL 15 Race Challenges.

Ricochet Suit:
Unlocked automatically during the story.

Scarlet Spider:
Clear One Hideout.

Spider-Armour MKII Suit:
Clear 1 Hideout.

Complete the story.

Spider-Man 2099:
Clear 1 Hideout.

Superior Spider-Man:
Complete 12 Combat Challenges.

Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales):
Unlocked after beating Chapter 6.

Vigilante Suit:
Unlocked from the start.

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