Aqua Aqua - Tips for Keeping Water

Aqua Aqua - Tips for Keeping Water

Tips for Keeping Water

1first of all build small lakes or rain will fall and come off the edges if you try to build right around the land straight away.

2evapourate water from different parts of the land so you get special stuff by completing the bingo card in the middle

3 have fun and don't throw the controller at the screen shouting how unfair the game is.

Get Puzzle Modes

Finish all lessons in training mode.

Get Various Eras

Finish Paleozoic Era to get Mesozoic Era, Finish Mesozoic Era to get Cenozoic Era and finish Cenozoic Era to get Ancient Civilization

Sonic Speed

Hold x on the title screen and press start after you held onto the x button for 20 seconds

Hidden Future

Earn a MASTER rank in all four stages to unlock the Hidden Future in Story Puzzle Mode.

GameShark Codes