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Money Cheat

When you get to Tarant talk to Madam Lil. Get the necklace from the Mooreland residence. The next quest is to get money from Roland. Go talk to him advance time by 5 days and then ask him for the money he pays keep asking him. DO NOT FINISH THE QUEST OR YOU CAN'T GET ANYMORE MONEY FROM HIM.
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Goto Shrouded Hills, visit Rietschze or whatever his name is. Pickpocket his store key. The key opens everything in his store, including the chest which contains his store stock and money supply. the money varies from 500-4000 silver, and each day it is replenished so you can go rest outside and come back each morning for a refreshing replenishment of silver. His dresser never loses its contents, so i find its a great personal stash location. If you are a technologist, goto Tarant university and buy 6 of each tech manual for purposes of schematic construction. 6 books, 17 points each, equals 102 points, more than a doctorate in each discipline. the books are 750 each, but its not a problem with all this good money commin in DAMN Rietschze is so generous hes my best friend i think ill have him over for dinner or a BBQ all my kids love him and my wife sleeps with him but thats OK cause Rietschze is just so generous
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