Armored Core 2 - Temporary Infinite Energy

Armored Core 2 - Temporary Infinite Energy

Temporary Infinite Energy

During gameplay press L2 R2 R3. A 'Limiter Release' system error message will appear and you will have infinite energy during this time. After about a minute a 'OB Down' system error message will appear and you will have no energy. This will last another minute.
Submitted by Master Mike

Get 1st Person View

Hold Start Triangle Square then release them and press Start. To go back to original view pause and press Start again. Use Select Triangle Square for the Japanese version.

Fixed View

Hold X Circle Start Use Select instead of Start for Japanese version, release and press Start

Limiter release

At any time during any gameplay, hold R2L2and then press L3 Fast. For the next 40 sec., your energy gauge won't run out no matter how much you use it. Unfortunately, after the 40 sec. you're energy gauge will be empty for the next 50 sec. If you have done this slow, and you have anything better than the first booster, you have a super boost until you run out of energy. If you use this when you have limited release, you can fly around and dodge most shots until the 40 sec. runs out

Return to default view

To return to the default view, pause the game, then press Start to resume the game. For the Japanese version of the game, press Select instead of Start.

Plus Cheats

Lose the first mission after the Raven test then die with 50000 credits or less. The game will restart from the first level with all items gained in the previous game. The more time this is done the more cheats you unlock.
Submitted by Master Mike

Debt of 50000

You have to go in debt of 50000 six times to unlock all the cheats and here they are

1. Automatic radar
2.Ability to throw laserblade
3.nothing that i know of
4.shoot back weapons while walking
5.nothing that i know of
6.double energy

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