Armored Core 2: Another Age - Use WeaponsMoney from Armored Core 2

Armored Core 2: Another Age - Use WeaponsMoney from Armored Core 2

Use Weapons/Money from Armored Core 2

Just use a save game from Armored Core 2 to load your game

Self Destruct

Hold: R2, L1, Start then all directions, select X, Circle.

Max Energy

First Press L2 R2 R3. Now a "Limiter Release" system error message will appear, and you will have unlimited energy during this time. After approximately one minute, the "OB Down" message will appear. It will last almost as long as the previous error depending on the core, but you will not have any energy. After "OB Down" is completed, your AC will recharge and return to normal. Make sure you finish off your enemy before you become vulnerable.

Secret Part: Scope Eye

In the Scissors Forest Mission Escort AC Parts Transport, blow up the vehicle you are supposed to protect and you will find an AC head where the vehicle exploded, quickly pick it up because the mission will end shortly after you blow it up. This is an enhanced version of Night Eye and it's the same head the grey AC in the beginning cinema uses

Go Overweight

Simply beat the game then your ac can go overweight. Also once you beat the game there will be a new place that has 3 HARD missions. once you beat them 3 you get 2 new parts. The INSIDE part orbit maker, and floating leges, these legs are the fastest in the game but can only hold around 3980 lbs. but does it matter, no, because you can go overweight

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