Astro Tripper - Achievements

Astro Tripper - Achievements


Pod oppressor
Objective: Destroy 10 mutalitaed pods in any one level of training grounds.

Spidery Point
Objective: Destroy the spider boss on Arachnophobia

Tank Oppressor
Objective: Destroy 20 tanks in sequence


Tank Sympathizer
Objective: Destroy both Generators on Claustrophibia Without Killing a Tank

Fly Swatter
Objective: Destroy 3 Flypods within 5 seconds on any level of insect infestation

Sneeky Incursion
Objective: Detroy the boss without opening more than one outer door. Only 1 of the 3 outer doors may be opened to any degree


Worm Tangle
Objective: Destroy 3 Worms in sequence on The Ooze

Wheel Collector
Objective: Complete Level Fizz Wheels without killing a fizz wheel (the rollling wheels connected by a laser)