ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trail - Expert levels


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Go to Options -> Player Profile -> Enter Cheat and enter the following case-sensitive codes: Code:
All Access Unlock everything but the Fury bike
moneybags Get 1500 Credits
Billboards Unlocks all Music Videos
Duds Unlocks all Rider Gear
Dubs Unlocks Rims
IGIVEUP Unlock Everything
Smog Test Unlock all Exhaust Pipes

Expert levels:
Win a gold cup for a level on the normal difficulty setting to unlock a harder version of that level.

Training bonus:
Successfully complete all courses in training mode with a "Gold" rank to get three Talon ATVs; complete them with a "Silver" rank to get two Talon ATVs; complete them with a "Bronze" rank to get one Talon ATV.

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