Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge - How to Get Honeycomb on Spillers Harbor


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How to Get Honeycomb on Spillers Harbor

To get the empty honeycomb that is on the other side of the fence in Spillersville, you must turn into a mouse at Mumbo's Pad. There is a little spot on the fence that is broken. It is very hard to see, but you'll find it sooner or later. Crawl under it in mouse form and you'll be on the other side of the fence. You will see an empty honeycomb. Grab it and you'll have it.

Strategy for the battle with Gruntilda 2

In order to defeat Gruntilda, you must first find her five spots that are her weakness.

1.Left Hand
2.Right Hand
3.Left Underarm

If you hit these correctly, you should have her beat in no time.

Get Health Quick

Talk to someone like Mumbo, Ms Honey Bee, The Jigy Preist, Or That mole guyI forget his name. Once you talk to them they will fill your health bar. Press B after that so you don't have to listen to them talk.

Skip Beginning

Press start to Skip the THQ title and any other title except for the GameBoy Advance Title

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