Black And White 2 - Increase Impressiveness

Black And White 2 - Increase Impressiveness
Increase Impressiveness:
Find the game folder and go to DataBalance. Open the file PlacementData.xml in Wordpad. Go to the third paragraph, which starts <object type="abode" name="greekabodec">:. Change the line <basevalue impressiveness="0.2" />: to <basevalue impressiveness="20" />:. Next, just load up on of your saved games and place several villas. With this, your town will be powerfully impressive and you will win the land you are in. This affect all of your saved games

Artifacts For Nuthin'
This can be a complicated but nifty little trick that not everyone will know. This will not work on pre-saved games. You need to start a new game or mission select to reload the campaign to get the changes you want. Plan ahead.

Go to the game directory and find the file GameBalanceArtefact.txt in ...dataBalance.... Back it up in case you mess it up during the edit. Open the file using Notepad.exe. You will see the values for everything on the tribute menu.

Look for a string similar to ARTEFACTEPICWONDERNUMBERVOLCANO 100000 and disregard the other numbers. Change the value directly to the right of any artefact and you will change its tribute cost in the game. Safe range of values are 1000 or there abouts, but be sure that the new sum value is reflected in the total cost at the end of the file. Save it and you can start buying stuff you only dreamt about before.

Values less than 1000 may cause your game to crash.

Reduce Your Opponents Buildings:
Purchase the Fireball miracle from the tribute menu, then have your Worshipers start getting you some mana points.

When you have enough mana to cast the fireball miracle, select it and find a very large tree. Cast the miracle so that the tree sets on fire.

Now pick up the tree and move over to a opposing town and hold the burning tree over a building. You should see that it starts to get damaged and that villagers have to start rebuilding it again.

This is very useful for getting rid of an opponent's Epic Miracles so that they cannot cast them. It can also cause similar chaos when used to remove Armouries, creature pens and other buildings

Invincible creature:
To make your creature invincible, go to the directory:

...lionhead studiosBlack and White 2databalance

Click on the file creturephysio. and open it in a text editor, like Notepad. Search for the line value SecondsPerYear = 3600.000000.

You can change it to SecondsPerYear = 60.000000 so every minute your creature will grow a year you can adjust the value further if you like. You can also scroll down to the bottom and change the lines

PainFromForce = 0.000200
DamageFromForce = 0.000100
PainFromBeingOnFire = 0.300000
DamageFromBeingOnFire = 0.001000
PainFromEachStuckObject = 0.001000
DamageFromEachStuckObject = 0.001000
PainFromStarvation = 0.000000
DamageFromStarvation = 0.000020

to have values of absolute zero the above values are listed if you want to change things back. Once you do that, your creature will be invulnerable, allowing you to wreak havoc with impunity.