Blake Stone - All Keys 100 Health

Blake Stone - All Keys 100 Health

All Keys 100 Health

Type JAM then Enter.

Debug Mode

Hold the Left and Right Shift keys during the JAM Logo intro. Don't hold them down until the white letters start the appear. Keep holding them until the PC13 screen appears. Now you can type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
Backspace W Warp to Level
Backspace D Invisible
Backspace G God Mode
Backspace I Item Cheat
Backspace M Memory Info
Backspace P Pause Screen
Backspace Q Fast Quit
Backspace A Add Actors to AutoMapper
Backspace U Unlock All Floors
Backspace S Slow Motion
6 7 Collect All Bonus Items
7 8 Kill All Actors
6 8 Collect All Bonus Items and Kill All Actors