Blitz: The League - Ball trailer always on


Total votes: 33
Ball trailer always on:
Enter "ONFIRE" as a code.

Beach ball:
Enter "BOUNCY" as a code.

Double unleash icons:
Enter "PIPPED" as a code.

Stamina disabled:
Enter "NOTTIRED" as a code.

Super Clash mode:
Enter "CLASHY" as a code.

Super Unleash Clash mode:
Enter "BIGDOGS" as a code.

Easy sacks:
When at the line, take your LB and put him on the left or right side and blitz in. Press L1 X to do a hard hit on the QB.

Easy fumbles:
Do an onsides kick, then do a hard hit L1 X. They will fumble about 75 of the time. If it is raining or snowing, there is about an 80 chance they will fumble. This only works if you do hard hits.

Easy turnovers:
Blitz in with your LB and try to do a hard hit L1 X. If you miss the sack and the QB throws the ball, press Circle immediately when you see him throw it. This will switch players and go to the closest person to the ball on your team. Then, tackle the intended receiver before he gets the ball and it will be an incomplete pass.

Game modes:
Training mode bonuses
Successfully complete all training goals to unlock new game modes and reveal how other new modes are unlocked.

Two Player Co-Op mode:
Enter "CHUWAY" as a code.

Game modes:
All Or Nothing: Score in one set of downs or turn it over.
Big Head: Big heads.
Bonecrushers: Bone breaks in almost all hits.
Buttafingaz: Every hit causes fumble.
Cyberball: Robot football with no downs and exploding ball.
David vs. Goliath: Big players versus smaller faster players.
Deuces Wild: Safeties and two pointers are two points, everything else worth one point.
Domination: Make it take it.
Lucky 7's: Every play you have the ball deducts one point from a touchdown.
No Injuries: No injuries.
Pain: Touchdowns, dirty hits, and unleashed hits will score points.
Windbreakers: Farts.

Distract kicker in Two Player mode:
When the other player is kicking the ball in Two Player mode, tap the buttons on the screen before he or she does to make buzzing noises and shake the screen.

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