Bomberman Tournament - Get RC Bombs

Bomberman Tournament - Get RC Bombs

Get RC Bombs

In Delta, go to the south side of the city Gama. There is two openings. Go to the one that says "The Coliseum is ahead. Beware". Beat the Coliseum and the man in the Coliseum will give you a rocket. Give it to the man in the Bomb Shop in Gama and he'll give you RC bombs, which you can steer.

The Arcade

To get to the arcade, go to B. Valley It's the place that when you enter, above you will be stones and stuff and below you will be evil flowers and go to the stairway that you go up to to get ontop of that big mountain. To the right of the stairs, there will be some loose looking rocks. Blow them up with a bomb. A tunnel entrance thing will show up, and music will play. Enter, and your in the arcadeTo beat the arcade game, you must blow up 30 ballloons in a short amount of time. The guy in the arcade doesn't tell you what the game is until after you pay. The price of one game is ten coins. The victory prize is 30 coins. Good Luck

Find secret karabon

To find the weird Pteradon, go to the area around Plazma Base and bomb all the breakable chunks of ice. If you find something that looks like a wing, go and pick it up. It will say that you found an ice flower, and the dino-bird pteradon will come and eat a petal from the bunch, and then join. His power is that bomb power will go down 1 level. To find the fish, Maringon, go into the sea. There should be a barrier of fishes. go up to the fish, take out the fish hook and pick up the power of linebombs. To find Th. Liger, after you get Dorako go to the cave that you get the disinfectant that heals Kai-man, go to the part of the caves that is dark, and set Dorako,look around, and nab the flaming cat, and set him to slow all the nearby enemies.To walk through breakable blocks, walk around in the desert, and if you see an oasis, go up to it, and you will go down to a secret room, and you will then see the Karabon. Talk to him and then he will join.

Multiple Power

Ups at the beginning in multiplayer mode when you choose HI POWER arena you start out with bombs that blow up from one side of the arena to the other, which is the same as the gold flame power-up. You will also be able to lay multiple bombs at one time and to top things off you even start with bomb kick.


There is a girl in the volcano who wants a T.beef that she will trade for a Heart. She is located below some caves that are close to GLM.Base.

In the first forest, there is a movable block. Once you push it, it reveals a staircase. A man will give you a heart.

From Delta, go up a screen and head to the Northeast to find another movable block with another person with a heart.

Free large Medicine

Equip Kai-man and go under the water. Find a green switch and activate it, then talk to the school of fish. You will get the Fishhook and a Karabom will join you. Take the Fishhook to the fisherman to get the Medicine.

Block Brainbomber

Bombs can be used to block Brainbomber's lightning strikes, the groundtrail, and the targeting.

Fusible Transistor

Once you reach Gamma town, go south and kill the two Orkmen. Enter the coliseum and win five matches in a row. You will receive 150 gold and the Fusible Transistor.

Remote bomb detonation

Once you have Sibaloon, go back to the lake in the first zone. You will be able to find a cottage with Firekong, who allows you to remote detonate your bombs.

Unlimited health

Hold all buttons and turn game on for unlimited health.
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Ultimate weapon

To get this you must hane firekong. set landmines as your bomb and fire kong as karabon. now you can remote detonate landmines when firekong is set
Submitted by nick121212

Bombs in towns

Normaly you can't put bombs in a town. aafter you get Tough-Guy, you can pick up the bombs and carry them in the town.
Submitted by Bob Sanchez