Boogerman - Level Passwords


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Level Passwords

Swamps 1 RD WG SC
Swamps 2 WG SC DK
Swamps 3 SG BM SG
Swamps 4 FD RD SC
Hick Boy FD SG FD
Pits 1 SC RD FD
Pits 2 YG SG DK
Pits 3 BM SG RD
Pits 4 WG BM SG
Revolta RG SG SG
Boogerville 1 RD FD WG
Boogerville 2 RG YG WG
Boogerville 3 YG DK BM
Boogerville 4 WG BM RD
Flyboy BM SC DK
Mucous 1 SG RD FD
Mucous 2 SG RD RG
Nasal 1 SG SC YG
Nasal 2 RD BM SG
Deodor Ant FD RD RG
Palace 1 SC BM FD
Palace 2 BM DK RG
Palace 3 RD YG SC
Palace 4 DK BM YG
Booger Meister SC WG BM


BM Boogerman
DK Goggled duck creature
FD Flying dark creature
RD Red drop
RG Red giant
SG Strutting Yellowgreen creature
SC Scabby creature
WG White giant
YG Yellow giant

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