Burnout - All tracks

Burnout - All tracks

All tracks

whilst in track select menu in single race press a,b,r,a,a.
Submitted by ryan

All Cars and Tracks

Press X Y B in the option menu to get access to all the cars and the tracks

Get Roadster

All you have to do is beat the first championship Grand prix, then go to faceoff mode under special and beat it then you can use it.

Get Bus

Beat the bus in Face off 4

Get Saloon GT

Beat the Saloon in Face off 3

Get Towtruck

Beat the towtruck in Face off 2

Get Face Off Mode

Finish championship mode 1 time

Quick Start

To get a quick start, press the accelerator when the one is fading away.

Go the wrong way with no traffic.

Select the Interstate as your course, then right after the start there is a big freeway go over to the far left lane and start going as close as you can to the wall, there will be little gaps in the barrier that you can slip through.

Extra Tracks

Beat the first championship race in first and you get Hillside east, Twilight Harbor and Gridlock, Usa.

Extra cars

To get the Roadster,Tow Truck,Saloon GT, and the Bus you must complete the 4 grand prix. Then go to face off in special and beat the car and it will be one of your playable cars.

Get free Run Mode

Finish the game 1 time

Crazy Flips

More of a fun trick than a racing trick... In River City, after the crossover, there will be a long tunnel leading up toward the main streets of the city. Head for the middle of the road and purposely slam into the median. This will cause your vehicle to perform a violent backflip or two. Pick a fast car such as the Muscle Car ot the Saloon GT.

Longest Boost Section

USA Marathon EX- Start your boost at the beggining of the on ramp, actually its tthe exit ramp but you are going backwards You can manage to boost yourself all the way into the Gridlock section Use your Nitrous wisely