Burnout - Get all Racers

Burnout - Get all Racers

Get all Racers

At the Title screen press R2 R2 R2 L1 Triangle L2 L2 L2 R1 Square.

Mega Jumps

Go onto a course like Hillside Pass. Get a lot of speed going toward a fence on an overpass. When you hit it, you will fly about a mile with enough speed

Get roadster

You have to beat the first championship mode, qualifying each time. Pick a car like the mini that has good steering.the computer gets cars out of no where to slam into you. when you beat roadster, you can use it in any other game mode.

Unlock Roadster

Defeat roadster in face off mode to unlock it and another face off against another car

Unlock Towtruck

Defeat Towtruck in championship mode in the Face off 2

Unlock Fire Truck

Beat the game 5 times to unlock the fire truck. But instead of a water hose it has a flamethrower.

Fun thing to do with the Bus

This also really fun with crash replays. WHen you get the Bus, get a boost of speed. Now go into oncoming traffic and run head-on into a small car. You won't believe how far they fly

Ending Bonuses

Complete the game to unlock the Free Run mode no vehicles on the road, Free Run Twin mode two player Free Run, and Credits options.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On EC8783CC 1444403C
Infinite Turbo All Races 4CADF902 145625DD
Infinite Credits 4CBB7938 1456089C
4CBC83E8 1456089C
4CA26E78 1456089C
Unlock Survival Mode 3CA215C4 1456E7A5
Unlock All Cars 1CA21528 1456E7A5
1CA2152C 1456E7A5
1CA21530 1456E7A5
1CA2152E 1456E7A5
1CA21534 1456E7A5
1CA21538 1456E7A5
1CA2153C 1456E7A5
1CA21540 1456E7A5
Unlock All Tracks 3CA2154C 1456E7A5
3CA21554 1456E7A5
3CA2155C 1456E7A5
3CA21564 1456E7A5
3CA2156C 1456E7A5
3CA21574 1456E7A5
Unlock All Face-Offs 3CA215B4 1456E7A5
3CA215B8 1456E7A5
3CA215BC 1456E7A5
3CA215C0 1456E7A5
Perfect Stats in Single Race Average
Speed, Best Lap, etc.
1CBCA938 1456E7A5
1CBCA93C 1456E7A6
1CBCA918 1456E7A5
1CBCA91C 1456E7A6
1CBCA8F8 17E9C70C
Perfect Stats in Championship Race
Average Speed, Best Lap, etc.
1CBC91D8 1456E7A5
1CBC91D8 1456E7A6
1CBC90B8 1456E7A5
1CBC90BC 1456E7A6
1CBC9398 17E9C70C
1CBC9278 17E9C70C
1CBC9558 17E9C70C
1CA7B888 F77A4068
1CA7B88C DB940798
1CA7B890 EF7528C5
1CA7B894 F36E1482
1CA7B898 14563C97