Butt Ugly Martians: BKM battles - Game Cheats


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Game Cheats

The cheats are activated on the password entry screen. When you enter a valid cheat code, a sound will be played to confirm that the cheat is active. Then you can start a new game - by hitting the B button to back up to the Main Menu - and the cheat will be in effect. Only 1 cheat works at a time and they don't work if entered before continuing a game.

"IWTSOWN2", //Start World 2 Mechtropolis
"TMTWN3PD", //Start World 3 Aquatica
"IALTSMO4", //Start World 4 Arborea
"IOTJOWN5", //Start World 5 Silicon City
"FILGSOW6", //Start World 6 Magma
"IWTSOWN7", //Start World 7 Koo Foo Ship
"2ELFMPLS", //Start with 2 extra "lives"
"IAGAW4EL", //Start with 4 extra "lives"
"GMACOEWU", //Start with 2 weapon upgrades per character
"IAGAW4WU", //Start with 4 weapon upgrades per character
"JT2DU4MP", //Start with 2 defense upgrades per character
"DUATOU4M", //Start with 4 defense upgrades per character
"ALWMAA15", //All characters max weapons and defense, start with 6 repair kits Ultimate powerup cheat.
"KMIORMAO", //Infinite Lives.

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