Cabel's Deer Hunt: 2004 Season - Unlock 44 mag revolver


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Unlock .44 mag revolver

To unlock the 44 mag start a career and beat any levels two seasons.Do this in all the levels to unlock all the guns

Unlock sniper character

Beat the game on easy to unlock the character Johanna.

X-Ray Vision & All Weapons

Beat the game one time to unlock X-Ray vision

How to sneak up on Deer

Scent cover is a must to sneak up on all the deer I have done tests with it on and off it makes a big difference

Tree stands

When you're in a tree stand and want to get out, look down at the ground first then get out. If you don't look down you will be killed from the fall.

Drawing them in

Get a deer feeder and a treestand and get to a thick area with lots of trees and get a call doesn't matter and start calling this may take a good bit of time but it is well worth it. it is way better then chasing a deer around. oh and doesn't matter you can use a bow or a gun

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