Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Magician Mode

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Magician Mode

Magician Mode

Beat the game and enter 'FIREBALL' at the data screen.

Fighter Mode

Beat Magician Mode and enter GRADIUS as your h3 for a new game.

Shooter Mode

Beat Fighter Mode and enter CROSSBOW as your h3 for a new game.

Thief Mode

Beat Shooter Mode and enter DAGGER as your h3 for a new game.

Access All DSS Cards

During gameplay press L and immediately press Start. Go to the DSS menu and pick any card combo you want even if you don't have the cards. Resume gameplay and you will have the power the card combo gives you.
Submitted by RedDawgDrew

Battle Arena cheat

When you complete the Battle Arena and you are in the same room as the Shinning Armor, you can do the last 3 rooms over and over. When you are about to slide out, step back a little bit and slide. If you did it correctly, you can turn around and slide back into the room with the Shinning Armor and you are able to do as many rooms as you want from end to start. I suggest the last 3 because of exp. and the Unicorn and Black Dog cards.

Easy killing of Zombie Dragons

When fighting the Zombie Dragons use Neptune from ice armors and Manticorefrom thunder demonsto have a power: Every time you're hit by a poison creature you gain life and can't be poisoned. You will be protected and gain life every time either head hits you

How to own all the DSS cards

Action cards

Mercury-bone head in catacombs
Venus-slime in catacombs, abyss corridor hidden room and audience room
Jupiter-heat shade in machine tower
Mars-bloody sword in chapel tower
Diana-man eater in underground gallery
Apollo-arch demon in underground storage
Neptune-ice armor in underground waterway
Saturn-fallen angel outside the battle arena
Uranus-scary candle in golem boss room defeating camilla optional
Pluto-trick candle in cerberus boss room after defeating camilla

Attribute cards

Salamander-skeleton bomber in catacombs
Serpent-earth demon in catacombs
Mandragoras-axe armor in abyss corridor in hidden room and audience room
Golem-electric skeleton in audience room
Cockarice-stone armor in machine tower
Manticore-thunder demon in machine towerv
Griffon-skeleton athletes in audience room hidden room way to the right
Thunderbird-were-panther in chapel tower
Unicorn-white armor in the battle arena
Blackdog-dark armor in the battle arena
Submitted by Ann Tyler

Shoot from the rear

Equip the Bear ring from the skeleton medalist in a sercet room on the left hand side of the shaft you fell down at the start and activate Pluto and Blackdog. You will then turn into a bear. Hold Up and press Attack to shoot from the rear. Hold Down and press Attack to drop a bomb.
Submitted by Ann Tyler

Spinning attack

When using the whip, hold down Attack to make it spin around in a circle. It will act like a shield, so you cannot get hit by small enemies around you.
Note: You cannot move while doing this attack.

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