Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest

Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest

Game Cheats:

Faster Gate Scroll:
When you want to warp to towns and back through using Gate Scrolls to sell excess inventory hold Square and press 'Select'. This will be faster than pressing 'Start' and going to 'Gate Scroll'.

Boost Level & Skill points:
In game-play press L1, R2, Triangle and R3 with a Level 1 character and you will have control of the boosted character.

Enchanted skeleton:
If you wan't an enchanted skeleton you need a dark elf and a barbarian do the level 20 cheat to both then summon a skeleton if not enchanted have your barbarian cyclone and if sucsesful the skeleton should die then keep doing so untill you get enchanted skeleton

Duplicating items a different way:
to do this, you have to have someone you want to take their stuff from then import them onto your game. After this, you should go to your inventory to drop their stuff and pick it up with the person you eant it with, Presto!

Extra items, and money:
I found this out by accident, but it was so funny I had to do it more. In the Beginning of the game load up on explodeing potions, then throw them at the guards. Some take 3 hits, others take 7, they explode when killed with the potions. You can kill almost all of the guards. Depending on the area you get different quality items, in Kelithen, you get normal low items, once in a while a really good one, but hardly. In greater faydark they drop some pretty good stuff. They drop a fairly good ammount of money too. Have fun.

Get level 20:
During gameplay hold down these buttons L1,R2,triangle,R3 then let them go u also will have 75,000 gold and 999 exp points.