Citadel: Forged With Fire


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Cheat Codes:
Here are the essential commands for administration on your dedicated servers:
The following admin commands can be used directly in the Citadel: Forged With
Fire game chat.

Code – Effect:
/admin_login (password you set in game.ini) - Login as an admin.
/admin_update [new password) - Change the admin password.
/settime [time of day) - Set the time of day in the server.
/givexp [amount) - Give xp to yourself.
/giveitem [item name) [amount) - Give an item to yourself.
/admin_delete [player) - Remove a players admin access.
/server_kick [player) [reason) - Kick a player from the server.
/ban [player) [reason) - Ban a player from the server.
/fly (removed?) - Toggle flying (on yourself)
/flightspeed [number) - Set the flight speed
/teleport [latitude) [longitude) - Teleport to a certain location on the map.

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