Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - Air raid

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - Air raid
Air raid:
Note: This trick only works as GDI. Build your base quickly and do not send Scouts out to any bases; just be totally confined. When you get the ability to build aircraft, build ten Helicopter Pads and fill half with Fighters and half with Bombers. Once all units are ready, send the Bomber squadron in to attack the enemy Construction Yard. Send the Fighters to destroy an Anti-Air Emplacement to avoid losing bombers. The more anti-air there is, the more Fighter squadrons you will need. After you make three Fighter squadrons, make another Bomber squadron. Always keep the ratio of Fighter squadrons to Bomber squadrons at 2:1, 3:2, 4:3, etc. Note: At higher technology levels after taking out anti-air, you may want to get a Carryall to transport a Mammoth Mk. II in the enemy base. This strategy should have little involvement with ground troops, but your enemy sometimes sells almost all of their buildings and launches a giant assault at you -- keep your base defenses up. Also if there is a cliff over the enemy base, if you can access any type of artillery send it there to assist their air-raids.

Artillery Tricks:
If you are playing a Multiplayer Skirmish, build up about 10-20 artillery. Take them into the enemy bases, deploy them, and reek havoc on the enemy base. If the enemy is Nod and they have a Stealth Generator, Bring in a Mobile Sensor Array along with the artillery.

Build anywhere:
First set up the controls so that you can scroll up,down,left and right with the direction keys. Now build a structure and get in a position where its possible to build anywhere between an empty space in your base and the side bar. Now click to place the structure but hold the button and drag it behind the scroll bar. Now wile still holding left click use the direction buttons to move to wherever you want to build and let go.

Firestorm Lasts Forever Unpatched game only:
As GDI build a Firestorm generator, and then place Firestorm Wall Pieces where wanted. When ready, activate the Firestorm Generator and sell your Power Plants until you are on low power. If the Firestorm Generator was still going when your power went low the Firestorm will keep on working until you build a power plant and have normal power again.

Free Building Repairs:
This is useful if you are playing as GDI. If you have a Power Plant that is severly damaged and it has no Power Turbines on it, you can build one and place it on the Power Plant, and the Power Plant will be set at full health for free without having to repair it This also works for placing a Vulcan Cannon/RPG/SAM on a Componet Tower for a free repair, and placing an Ion Cannon Uplink or Seeker Control on an Upgrade Center as well. Very useful to save money.

Beating the Stealth Generator:
This works for GDI only. You must have access to an Orca Carryall and a Mobile Sensor Array. Take the Carryall, force it to load on the MSA and fly it into suspected Nod Base Territory which is cloaked. The MSA will uncover all the buildings on the minimap, and if it is attacked, the surrounding buildings near the attacker will also be revealed Cool, huh? This part works for Nod. Take the MSA and drive it straight into the enemy base which is cloaked. It has the same effect.

Suicide Take-Out
Fill up your harvester with as much blue tiberian as it can hold. Then, with a group of Light Infantry, park your Harvester by any of the enemy's buildings. The building, your harvester, and surrounding units and buildings will explode, causing your enemy to be forced to rebuild again

Disk Thrower Tricks:
Send a group of D.T's and place them just out of the range of a laser/component tower and line them up with the defense structure. Force fire in front of the structure and the disks will bounce into the structure. Even though its not as accurate, the laser/tower won't shoot you. You can use this in many situations to increase the attack range of your Disk Throwers. Tell a Disc thrower to force fire someplace. Then when he is about to throw tell him to fire across the map and he Will. Those Arms must really be good.

Free GDI Repairs on Upgrade-able Buildings:
When playing as GDI, you can build structures that can be upgraded, ie. power plants. If a structure that can be upgraded is damaged and you build the add-on for that structure, ie. power turbine, the structure will be fully repaired. The only money that you will lose is the money that you spent on the upgrade.

Infinite Firestorm Wall:
If you have a firestorm wall and it is fully charged, you can make it last forever without having to turn it off to charge. First charge your wall fully, then turn it on. Before it turns off or runs out of power sell or turn off your power plants until the words "On Hold" appear in the firestorm Icon. Your wall will stay on forever and will not run out of power until you build or turn on your power plants. NOTE: This does not work if you install the latest patch ver. 1.11

Kill a Cyborg Commando in One Hit:
If you want to kill a Cyborg Commando, with out losing all of your units, there is a very simple way to do it.You have to be able to build a GDI Firestorm Wall Generator, and Firestorm wall sections. First fortify your base and build it up until you have the option to build a Firestorm wall, and sections, then build firestorm walls across any sections where an enemy can get into your base. When a Cyborg Commando is over one of the sections turn the Firestorm generator on and Blam All of your problems are solved.

Missile defense tactics:
When playing as GDI, build a Firestorm generator and Firestorm wall sections but do not turn them on yet. When your opponent launches a Multi-missile at your base, turn on the Firestorm defense. The Missle should disintegrate. However,a HUNTER SEEKER drone will overload the generator and the defense will have to recharge. This trick doesn't work with chemical missiles. You can stop the creation of those by killing that weird thing at the center of a vein field, though .This will cause the creation of veins to reverse.

One-Hit Kills:
When playing as Nod, if you have the laser fence sections you can kill any unit one hit. Set up two laser sections as you would normaly. Turn one of them off with the lightning icon thing. When a unit passes between the fences turn it back on. Any unit, even the Mammoth mk2 is destroyed. This is very effective in multiplayer if there are alot of bridges.

Special GDI ending:
Leave the NOD's "Temple of NOD" until the very end and make sure your ion cannon destroys it. You will get the special ending.

Airstrike bait:
Because the CPU always scans down from the north to find targets for airstrikes, use one of your men as bait. Place him in the far north of your base. Although minigunners are often used in this role, you can save money by purchasing a silo and then selling it. You will spend 150, and get 75 and a technician back, which is the perfect A-10 bait.

Tiberium vein damage:
Tiberium veins will damage most vehicles, except for the following: NOD Buggy, Wolverine and Hover MLRS. This makes them excellent units for scouting vein areas. Veins also have no effect on infantry and Harvesters.

Regenerate cyborgs:
If you have wounded cyborgs or cyborg commandos, take them into a Tiberium vein and they will regenerate. If they have just a torso remaining they will regain full energy, but remain just a torso.

Cheap Harvesters:
Instead of purchasing harvesters from the War Factory, build a Tiberian Refinery, wait until the Harvester is out of the Refinery then sell it. It costs 2000 credits for the Refinery but by selling it you get 1000 credits, a Harvester and five infantry units. Retail price for all these units is 2000 credits so you save 50.

Easy building capture and profit:
When playing as NOD, purchase some subterranean APCs and fill them with engineers and a Cyborg Commando. Take the APCs within their base and pop up next to something important GDI Upgrade Center, Tiberium Refinery, etc.. Have your engineers pour out and have them take it over. The commando will protect the building that you capture. Should he fail, sell the building for an easy profit.

Mutian breeding ground:
Play as NOD and create a Clocking Device near or in some Tiberium Make a large square laser fence inside the cloaked area with the Tiberium. Create a Subterranean APC and Infantry. Use the Subterranean APC to put the men in the fenced area. Take out the Subterranean APC and run the men around in the Tiberium until they change into Mutians. The more men you change, the better.

You can use Hunter-Seekers outside of multi-player mode. In the final Nod mission, build the Temple of Nod and capture the GDI Construction Yard in the east. Build along their tech tree until you get the Upgrade Center. You can build Seeker Control Nodes. This might work for GDI. This not critical to your success; you can finish mission just fine without it.

Protecting Refineries:
To protect Refineries, War Factories and Barracks, simply place a wall around the building, except for the entrance where units go in and out. Then build two Compont Towers on the entrance side and place two Vulcan Cannons to protect them against engineers and other infantry. A SAM site and an RPG launcher can be also put on the other sides to give further protection

More money:
Make more Tiberian Refineries rather than buying more Harvesters. It may take longer, but it will give you more money.

Ultimate GDI Defense:
Build three Component Towers with RPGs. Have two SAMs behind them. Have a Mammoth MK.II and a Ghost Stalker in between. Nothing should be able to penetrate.

Defeating the NOD:
Build many Juggernauts and surround your base with them. Then, make a Ghoststalker to stand in front of your base. Every time a tank or man walks toward your base, the Juggernauts will weaken it and allow the Ghoststalker to finish it off.

Edit Screen Resolution:
Edit sun.ini in the game directory and you can push the screen resolution way up from the pathetic 640x480 standard

Look for...


And just change the values to something more suiting to your PC Monitor as Tib Sun looks stupid at 640x480 on bigger monitors

On my machine I run the game at 1280x1024 with no problems, stops so much scrolling around and you can see all the build options too