Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Various Cheats

Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

All cheats are activated by clicking the Team Button on the Tool Bar with the Cancel button. If a mistake is made when entering the cheat clicking anywhere else on the Tool Bar or clicking on the Team Button with the action button will clear out the code and player can start over.

Effect Code
Money Square Square Circle X Triangle Circle
Nuke Circle X Circle Triangle Square Triangle
Soylent Green X Circle Triangle Triangle Circle X Only in Multiplayer Mode
Win Level X Square Square Circle Triangle Circle
Cronoshift Triangle Circle Circle Square Square X
Expose Map Square Triangle Circle X Triangle Square
Parabomb Square X Circle Circle X Triangle
Ore to Gold or Crystals Square Circle Square X Circle Circle

Take Over

Play a Skirmish then sell all your stuff. Next raid the enemies base and attack the war factory and press Circle 9 times within 9 seconds.

Get the Ghetto Nuke

First you have to build 26 missile silos. After you do this type in this code on the team select bar Circle X Circle Circle X Square Triangle.