Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

Triple Spin move:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Triple Spin move. To use the Triple Spin move, press [Attack/Spin] three times in a row while walking forward. You must press it when the spin animation is about to finish. Leave a one second delay between each button press. Do not press the buttons too quickly. Perform the Triple Spin move on an enemy to get the "Showoff" and "Whoa!" trophies.

All colored gem locations:
Search the indicated location and/or complete the indicated task to get the corresponding colored gem. There are a total of four colored gems in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time.
Red Gem: In the "N. Sanity Peak" level, go past the bonus portal and up towards the door. Before going through the door, there is a map on the right side of the wall. Follow the pointers on the nine platforms to make the red gem spawn. Start at the front-left, and go right, right, up, up, left, left, down, right.
Green Gem: During the hamster cage chase in the "Hit The Road" level, you will escape from the huge machine and reach a checkpoint. In this room, attack the trashcan to the left to make a remote controller appear. Repeatedly spin attack the controller. Each time you hit it, the remote control car will drive closer to the green nitro crate. Keep hitting the controller until the car crashes into the nitro.
Blue Gem: Reach the end of the "Draggin' On" level without breaking any of the crates. You cannot touch any crates —- even the checkpoints. You can use the bonus room as a sneaky checkpoint halfway through the level.
Yellow Gem: At the beginning of the "Run It Bayou" level, do not get on the watercraft. Instead, slide-jump to the path on the right. Ride the moving platform and reach the four crates on the left. The yellow gem is floating above the four crates. Do not smash them. Use them to jump up above.

Easy "Channel Surfer " trophy
At the start of the "Rude Awakening" level, there is a TV. Spin attack the TV a few times to switch through the channels. Each "TV channel" shows a different Crash Bandicoot game. Switch through all channels to get the "Channel Surfer " trophy.

Easy "Give 'Em A Broadside!" trophy
In the "Thar He Blows!" level (Salty Wharf), you play as Dingodile. When Dingodile says "You Smell Good Enough To Eat," there will be two broadside cannons on the right side of the path. Spin attack them to get the "Give 'Em A Broadside!" trophy.

Easy "Hammer It Home" trophy
Throughout the "Draggin' On" level (Tranquility Falls), there are four golden bells. Hit all four golden bells to get the "Hammer It Home" trophy. Three of the bells are hanging from the gates you walk through. The final bell is hanging on a wall after you encounter three "cat" enemies with green glowing faces. None of them are hidden -- they are all in plain sight on the main path.

Easy "Here Kitty Kitty" trophy
In the "Off Beat" level (Mosquito Marsh), to the immediate right of the second checkpoint crate is a dumpster. Simply spin attack the dumpster a few times to get the "Here Kitty Kitty" trophy.

Easy "Junkyard Jams" trophy
In the "Hit The Road" level (The Hazardous Wastes), there are six barrels throughout the level that make a melody when you attack them. Three are at the very start of the level. The other three are to the left of the bonus path entrance (the "?" platform). Spin attack all of them to get the "Junkyard Jams" trophy.

Easy "Megaphoning It In" trophy
Shortly after the start of the "A Real Grind" level (The Hazardous Wastes), there is a megaphone speaker on the right side. You can hear N. Gin's voice coming from it. Spin attack the megaphone to destroy it and get the "Megaphoning It In" trophy.

Easy "Silence The Scientist" trophy
Shortly after the start of the "Give It A Spin" level (Tranquility Falls), after you jump over the first TNT crates, you will hear N. Brio talking to you. There is a green test tube with green smoke coming out of it. Destroy it to shut up N. Brio and get the "Silence The Scientist" trophy.

Easy "Tree Droppings" trophy
At the start of the "Off-Balance" level (Tranquility Falls), there is a tree straight in front of where you spawn. Spin attack the tree branches to make berries fall onto your head. The berries will stun you, and you will get the "Tree Droppings" trophy.

Easy "WOAH YEAH!" trophy
At the start of the "A Hole In Space" level (Bermugula's Orbit), there is a mandatory rail grind section. During this rail grind, you can collect a total of 18 grapes. Collect all 18 for the Bushel Of Bumpa to spawn at the end of the rail. Touch it to get the "WOAH YEAH!" trophy.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Master Marsupial (Platinum): Get EVERY trophy.
Closing the Experiment Log (Silver): Earn ALL of the platinum Flashback Relics.
Faster Than Sound (Silver): Earn ALL of the platinum Time Trial Relics.
King of Bling (Silver): Earn ALL of the Clear Gems.
The Whole Picture (Silver): Complete all Timelines.
A/V Club Founder (Bronze): Acquire a Flashback Tape.
All Gussied Up (Bronze): Try on a Skin.
Bad Signs (Bronze): Do some target practice.
Channel Surfer (Bronze): Spend some time surfin' the waves.
Faster Than a Tortoise (Bronze): Earn any Time Trial Relic.
Fleet of Feet (Bronze): Play a game of Checkpoint Race.
Give 'Em a Broadside! (Bronze): Aim and fire!
Hammer it Home (Bronze): Make some noise!.
Here Kitty Kitty (Bronze): Scare the cat hiding from a party.
Junkyard Jams (Bronze): Make music in an unlikely place.
Ladies First (Bronze): Complete a level as Coco.
Like a Rhinestone Bandicoot (Bronze): Earn half of the Clear Gems.
Megaphoning It In (Bronze): Shut N. Gin up.
Model Test Subject (Bronze): Earn any Flashback Relic.
N. Vincible (Bronze): Beat a story level without dying.
No It's MY Turn (Bronze): Complete a level with Pass N. Play enabled.
Putting Things In Perspective (Bronze): Complete any Timeline.
Settle the Score (Bronze): Play a game of Crate Combo.
Silence the Scientist (Bronze): Shut N. Brio up.
Taking the Side Road (Bronze): Complete a Bonus Path.
Tree Droppings (Bronze): Find the source of the Bumpa Berries.
WOAH YEAH! (Bronze): Grabbed a bushel of Bumpa.

Additionally, there are 25 secret trophies:
OVER-Overachiever (Gold): Watch the 106% bonus ending.
What Has Been, Will Be Again (Gold): Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex... again..
Backwards & Forwards (Silver): Complete ALL levels in N. Verted mode.
gnilB fo gniK (Silver): Earn ALL N. Verted Gems.
Overachiever (Silver): Watch the 100% bonus ending.
Perfectionist (Silver): Earn ALL N.Sanely Perfect Relics.
Twinsanity (Silver): Defeat the Doctors N. Tropy.
Altitude Sickness (Bronze): Crouch or slide into a double jump.
Beat ‘Em Any Which Way (Bronze): Beat any boss in N. Verted mode.
Beaten With His Own Drum (Bronze): Defeat N. Gin and his Weapon of Mass Percussion.
Emerald Gemerald (Bronze): Find the hidden Green Gem.
I Can See Through Time (Bronze): Meet Kupuna-Wa.
IT'S MESSING WITH MY HEAD, MAN!!! (Bronze): Beat a level in N. Verted mode.
Master Mixologist (Bronze): Defeat N. Brio.
Reality-Shattering Proportions (Bronze): Meet Lani-Loli.
Ruby Red (Bronze): Find the hidden Red Gem.
Sapphire-er Acquirer (Bronze): Find the hidden Blue Gem.
Showoff (Bronze): Defeat an enemy with Triple Spin.
Silent Protagonist (Bronze): Meet 'Akano.
So-Called Perfectionist (Bronze): Earn any N.Sanely Perfect Relic.
Sudden But Inevitable (Bronze): Betrayed! By your worst enemy..
The Fourth Time (Bronze): Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex.
Topaz Pizazz (Bronze): Find the hidden Yellow Gem.
Ups & Downs (Bronze): Meet Ika-Ika.
Whoa! (Bronze): Pull off a Triple Spin.