Cricket 07 - Get wickets one by one


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Get wickets one by one:
If bowling with an inswinger or outswinger, such asGlenn Mcgrath, Australia, keep the bowling marker at the batsman's feet or minute distance away from his feet and bowl with a maximum speed of inswing or outswing, certainly you will get wickets every time you bowl....

Lots of Wickets:
When bowling Inswing or Outswing, put the ball near the wicket and go left and right with the right analog until you bowl. Most of the time you should bowl him out.

Spin Wickets:
When you get say, 15 overs into a test match, get your best spinner and set the field to aggresive 2. Then bowl all of your balls at a different pace each time and also make sure that they all go on a full length around offstump. The batsmen will play forward defensive and most of the time he will chip the ball up to the men who are standing right by the crease. I used this against Australia and bowled them out for 46. A very good tactic to use once you get used to it. Practice makes perfect

Cheat Codes:

Code - Effect:
AKHTER - Max speed for bowlers
ASIF - Max stamina for bowlers
GUL - Good deliveries for bowlers
HAIER - No ball for umpire
INZAMAM - Max stamina for batsmen
KARTHIK - Unlocks fast fielding
MALIK - Unlock Fly Mode
RAZZAQ - Players run quickly
SAQLAIN - Special move for bowlers
YUVRAJ - Fast running between wickets
ZAHEER - Unlocks fast bowling

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